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Cyber Monster 2 F2P

Cyber Monster 2 is turn based free online rpg where players get into a fantasy world full of pets they can tame and train, with them they will be able to defeat monsters, complete dungeons and other quests.

- Colorful fantasy world
- 3 classes to play
- huge amount of pets
- Events & social activities
- No download is required to play
- Completely free

They fight for freedom, the good neighbourliness and helping the domestic economy.
Searing Blade
It is an aggressive faction, they want to conquer everything around them.

They are always fighting on the frontlines. They are strong and have a lot of life.
They can use magic to attack multiple foes at the same time, their weakness is the low defence.
Rangers can attack from the distance and destroy enemies' armor

The game is focused on pets and mounts, there is a huge amount of pets scattered throughout the world players can tame, customize and train. Every pet is different from the one next to it, in appearance, skills, role, and more. They gain XP and increase levels like their owners.

Characters can get married in the game with no gender limit. There will be a wedding ceremony with rings exchange and guests can give them their gifts. A divorce also exists and only one member of the couple is required to call it by using a special item in the shop.

Turnip Match
This is a treasure hunting type of game and is held every da. The player who finds more turnips wins. XP and crystals are rewarded for participating and winning.
Faction War
Teams must take over fifteen strongholds across the map and defended them to win medals and gold.
Players will fight each other to find out who is the best, this is a weekly event and will reward medals which are used in the arena shop to buy stuff.
Is one of the most interesting events since it grants pets, items, gold, medals and elements just by fighting criminals.

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