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Magic barrage F2P

Magic barrage is a mmo game with a retro style you can play on your browser for free, players can pick one of the eight classes available and fight off monters, dragons, demons and much more through dungeons they find in Crasses.


- 8-bit Pixelated Graphics with retro style
- Pick from Eight classes
- Old school controls with dodging
- Crafting mechanics
- Instanced dungeons
- Guild system
- Arena PvP
- Use social networks to log in.

The Warrior: Efficient melee combatants which can leap into battle and dual weild weapons.
The Mage: They manipulate elements to cush their enemies from afar.
The Archer: They are specialized in keeping enemies away while they vanquish them.
The Priest: They heal their friends and deal damage to unholy creatures.
The Ninja: Sneaky melee combatants that utilize the hit and run tactics to deal with enemies.
The Paladin: They are powerful defenders who can heal themselves while dealing damage.
The Warlock: They can kill and control enemies from the distance which is very useful.
The Assassin: Melee fighters with a huge burst of damage.

Players will go through instanced dungeons by cleaning them, finding treasures, developing their characters and professions. But hits won't be a pure grind as there is a deep story behind all of it, players will have to unveil it.

Furthermore when a dungeon is complete a new difficulty is unlocked for they to try harder and get better rewards. Players can play solo or team up to beat difficult content so it's a very flexible game.

Players can get a pet once they hit L30, but they must grow it from an egg, they can also buy different pets from the premium store by spending diamonds.

It's a sort of buff players can unlock by levelling up their reputations. It increases their character stats so they can go through content faster or better which is always interesting.

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