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Mythborne F2P

This free to play browser MMORPG takes us to a fantastic world inspired by Greek mythology, especially in the war between the Titans and the Olympians, in which players embody a hero whose mission is to save the world from the ancient evils released by Pandora's box. The game features many different game systems to cater towards a lot different types of players.


Lose yourself into a fantasy kingdom full of heroes and monsters
Create a hero by choosing between five different classes
Recruit other heroes and mercenaries to join your group
Lots of PvP and PvE features
Get new equipment, improve it, refine it, enhance it, and become more powerful
Completely free-to-play
Browser Game


Long ago the world was plagued with all kinds of evil forces that threatened humanity, but the gods blessed few heroes so they hunt the beasts that were leading to the evil forces, the Dragon That Eats the Stars and Giant Snake that lives beneath the sea. When the beasts were defeated, peace returned to the world, until thousands of years later the Olympians and the Titans began a war, in which the Titans were almost defeated. The Titans opened the Pandora's Box, releasing all the evils that the box contained in a desperate act. And now, again, the heroes have to save the world.


Mythborne is a MMORPG with lots of quests and an interesting storyline that players will discover as they go along with the game. The main objective of the players is increasing the Battle Rating (BR) of their characters, by levelling up their heroes, improving their weapons, armors and accessories and recruiting new mercenaries and heroes into their group.

The core mechanic of the game is the Stamina, since each player owns a bar of stamina that will deplete as the players do things like explore dungeons or fight in the PvP Arena. Stamina replenishes every sixty minutes, although players can choose whether to buy Stamina boosts if they don't want to wait; yet the number of power-ups that can be used are limited by your VIP level (a premium purchase using real money, which serves to improve the player's account).


Players can recruit some different types of heroes, from deadly warriors, immortal beings to Gods and even Titans. You'll find these heroes usually in taverns, but to convince them you will have to give them a good serving of beer (the higher the level of Hero, higher is the level of beer you need to recruit him). Other special heroes are achieved through events, or missions.
Heroes directly affect the BR of the players, and players have to decide which position they'll fight within the group. For example, if you are playing with a support character, it is vital that you have at your side a tank hero, able to keep enemies at Bay.


The game features a wide variety of PvE options, from missions in which you have to hunt down all kinds of beasts and monsters, to dungeons where you will face challenging bosses, as well as other systems such as War Gods and The Abyss, where you fight against waves of increasingly powerful enemies. With the PvE, you will earn a variety of rewards, power-ups and experience that makes you more powerful, allowing you to unlock more content and features.


Much of the later game content is dominated by PVP orientated features where players can confront each other in singular duels, for prestige and position, or fight in epic battles between guilds where you can get great rewards.

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