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Dark Era F2P

GAME TYPE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Browser-Based


Dark Era is a traditional free to play Asian inspired browser-based MMORPG (requiring a mini-client download) with quest content, PVE and PVP features where players can play as three powerful classes in an epic story driven adventure. The game is packed with features that are unlocked as players level up and can be accessed once a mini client has been downloaded to open a special game browser.


- Three Player Classes
- Quest driven story progression
- Quality graphics
- Challenging PVE content
- Acquire powerful loot items and upgrade them
- PVP Ficefire Fields Battlegrounds
- Automated questing and AFK combat
- Browser based client game
- Free to play MMO


Thrown into the chaos of space time you have been sent back to iconic eras where legendary Chrono Heroes are under threat from evil Phantoms, ally yourself alongside Robin Hood, King Arthur, Saladin and others and acquire their Chrono Artifact before the Abyss King himself is raised from the depths.


Using many features common to the Asian RPG genre, Dark Era steps beyond the traditional with its crisp graphics and action gameplay, whilst retaining the classic style that focuses on progressing the game by completing a series of quests, fighting challenging AI and increasing your character's personal Battle Rating (the cumulative score of all their levels, gear, upgrades, and feature boosts).

The game has some strong automated features that are commonplace with this genre, players are able to go completely AFK whilst their character moves from place to place killing enemies, completing and handing in quests, speaking to NPC quest givers and character even monitor their own health in battle to determine when they need to drink healing potions.

With the core content completely free to play players do have a VIP premium option that is enabled through recharging their account and spending cash, with three tiers of VIP (Silver, Gold then Diamond) with improving level of benefits from extra resource income, feature perks and boosts.


There are numerous features in the game geared towards increasing your characters power:

Memento – These mementos are shards that can be collected from the different eras that players travel through. By collecting a full set, players will earn attribute boosts, these mementos are the signature artifacts of that era's hero such as Robin Hood's Bow and Amulet, Joan of Arc's Battle Flag and Cross, or King Arthur's Crown or Merlin's Staff.

Marriage – From level 52 players can send other unmarried player characters of the opposite sex a ring to create a unique relationship between them. Here if players complete campaigns or AFK fight then they improve their “Intimacy” that increases attributes; at certain levels players can use upgrading stone to improve their wedding rings like artifacts.

Mount Growth – The chase of time and space has evolved horses into powerful beast companions, by obtaining different mounts players can feed and upgrade them to increase their (and the players) attributes, as well as spending Mount Skill Fragments to unlock new skills.


Various events are triggered at set times during the day:

Ice-Fire Field – A team based PVP battleground where players spawn randomly in one of two camps at either side of a map and fight for mineral resources from these camps, players must enter the enemy camp and steal ore and return it to their home camp to score points; heavy ores slow a player and killing them will drop it, the team with the most ore at the end of the match is the winner.

Goddesses' Blessing – There are six available Goddesses that players can pray to and ask for their blessing, which comes in the form of Coin buffs, Chrono Energy buffs, Stat Buffs and more; only one buff can be active at any time and players can only claim each one once per day.

World Boss – Monstrous Titans have emerged through space time and pose serious threats on the world, players can gather together to fight them at different levels, from the level 30 Titan Uranus, the level 80 Gladiator Commodus, to the level 300 Abyss King himself. The World Bosses refresh throughout the day and players receive rewards for dealing the most damage to them and successfully kill them to earn legendary purple gear.


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