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Smite is a free to play MOBA that focuses on the battleground of the gods, with immortals and deities from many real-world pantheons and mythologies battling out for supremacy. With numerous game modes and a wide selection of champions to choose from the games key defining feature is the third person perspective and WASD keyboard movement, separating it from many other in the genre. This

- Tactical TPS MOBA
- Multiple game modes from classic 3 lane battles and open Arena combat
- Over 50 gods and immortals from various real-world mythologies and religions
- Level up and earn new powers, gods, and game features
- Free to play

There are currently over 50 gods to pick from, from different themes and historical sources, some of them from fantasy and others from the real world, they are split into roles to simplify it for players, each role generalise how a God should be played and what it is most useful for such as absorbing damage or being high DPS as well as defining whether they are melee or ranged fighters.

The game plays like many other MOBAs that come before them, though the third person perspective completely changes the mechanics and strategy players should follow.

There are always two teams facing each other through different game modes, there is even a 1 on 1 Jousts (duels) and up to 5v5 (as well as a novel Arena mode), where both sides are battling to take down the enemy Titans, an NPC boss in the opposition base that once killed spells victory for the slayers and the end of the game.

The game features AI controlled enemies for practicing or trying new things, or just to complete a match. During all this players must compete with the opposition champions, either AI controlled in coop mode or typically players when playing in the normal or ranked PvP modes.

Each god has their own powers and abilities that they can use in battle to attack, heal, move and more and depending on the combination of gods in a team can create endless strategic and tactical choices. As players kill enemies, both minions and players alike, they will level up and get new ranks and skills improving their output damage and resilience.

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