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The Elder Scrolls: Legends F2P

GAME STYLE: F2P Strategy Card Game
PLATFORM AVAILABILITY: Windows, iOS, Android and Mac


This free to play strategy card game returns players to the realm of Tamriel, the continent made famous through the Elder Scrolls franchise; in The Elder Scrolls: Legends players must collect cards and assemble their own player decks to go into combat against AI or players across multiple game modes for ranked and unranked play where players can also earn rewards.


- Build decks from hundreds of cards
- Create a deck using two main Abilities
- Two lane battlefields
- Ranked, Unranked, Solo and Arena game modes
- 100% F2P


The primary mechanics and features of the game are similar to other games in the CCG/TCG genre, with TES:L putting its own twist on deck building and battlefield mechanics. Players must build a deck with a minimum of 50 cards and then through various game modes fight to kill the enemy hero by reducing their health to zero. Each turn players increase their Magicka resource, which in turn they spend to play different cards, the more Magicka towards the later portions of the game allow players to play more cards at once or more powerful cards.


With each deck players must choose one or two Abilities (Willpower, Endurance, Agility, Intelligence or Strength), from here cards with those same Ability labels can be added into the deck, with a minimum of 50 cards needed for a complete deck. Some cards are considered Neutral and do not have an Ability restriction, whereas others have 2 Abilities and can only be placed in a deck if the player has chosen both of those Abilities; these types of cards are usually very powerful and help define that type of deck and playstyle.


There are four main types of cards; Unit Cards, Item Cards, Action Cards and Support Cards. Unit cards are placed on the battlefield and have both hitpoints and an attack score to indicate the amount of damage they will deal on the enemy unit cards or the rival hero. Units typically have a trait that will define how they are played or how enemies must react to them, some units can instantly damage enemies when they enter play, others will bolster their friendly units with buffs, others force the enemy units to target them and kill them before they can attack any other units in the lane.

Actions and Support cards are similar in nature, both can be used to grant boons to a player, healing their units or hero of hitpoints, granting boosts, hindering or damaging the enemy. Actions are single use effects whereas Support cards are placed on the battlefield and are permanent boons until the enemy is able to remove them with certain actions or units.

Item cards grant individual buffs to a single Unit card that is currently on the battlefield, able to improve their damage output, increase their hitpoints, and even add new traits to the card.


In TES:L there is a benefit to your hero taking damage; starting with thirty hitpoints each time the hero is reduced to one of its Rune tiers (every 5 hitpoints ie. 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25) then one of their Runes is destroyed and a card is instantaneously drawn from their deck into their hand. Furthermore if the card has the “Paragon” trait when drawn from a rune then this means it can be played with a zero Magicka cost, giving the player a chance to recover from a series of attacks.


The battlefield is drawn up into two lanes; the Field Lane which acts as a normal lane, and the Shadow Lane where units that enter this lane cannot be attacked by enemy units in that lane for one turn as they are provided cover (they can however be targeted with spells). Units in different lanes are unable to attack each other and so a player must think tactically not only about which cards they wish to play, but which lane they want to put them in.


Operating System: Windows 7, 8 and 10
Processor: Pentium D
Memory: 2GB
Hard Drive Space: 3GB
Graphics: GeForce 6800

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