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Demarcia is a F2P browser-based MMOrpg which, it turns out, seamlessly knits the city building and RPG elements, with PvP model, delivering a fabulously legendary journey.

Being one of kings or queens of an empire, strategy fans will enjoy micro-managing features such as establishing an empire, developing various technologies, trading items and building powerful armies and resources in a bid to attack other players and in-game opponents. Besides, players could make a great number of friends by being a member of an alliance. Now eradicate your foes and build your kingdom. Your destiny is in your hands.

But you would rather the black-faced tutor was always there, when you cripple here and there. It's a long grinding, purely grinding that never bother to promise you anything. There is no hint which building to care for. Some building games label its buildings with their level, where you choose the lower ones to upgrade. Some shows the function of the buildings and you choose according to your current purpose, e.g. college, when technology research is badly needed. But buildings in Demarcia don't tell you unless you click and they look alike. You run into resource shortage, prestige limit, and construction capacity limit as early as lvl 2. That means you have to be painfully careful to choose which one to improve.

When the quest calls you to hire a hero, it reminds you have to upgrade your inn. But there is no such an inn in my town ( I am not qualified for a poor inn). It's not even in my build list, nor is it shown grey on my town map, like academy and embassy. It means the reminder is promising something that won't come up at all. Most of the quests belong to, as it indicates, long-term quests. The quest description is explaining the long-term effect of the quest, rather than about the current need. However, I try to feel thankful to the game by learning to form a long-term plan.

The tutor tells me to appoint my only hero as the mayor, saying a town can't go without a mayor. When I plan to attack, I am told I need to choose a hero. The game again expects me (not tells me) to dismiss the mayor and send him to battle. When I click go, it shows: newbie protection. The game has a hundred reasons to protect me, because I am so weak and I grow so slow. But it's just a NPC village that I clicked. The game is not protecting me. It's protecting its NPC village! Nothing to mention about the world map, there is some player city in the world map, if you take your time to prove there is. But the cities, both NPC and player's, are just a simple symbol that cannot be called a shape.

The interface of Demarcia is not an interface, where the tiniest function that must have been a letter becomes a large button in Demarcia. And similar functions make up a huge block, covering the four corners, the whole bottom. I thank god when the largest block is found foldable. You see the middle of the screen. Your screen is occupied. Your view is squeezed.

The resource system is meant to be a serious one. How much of what is needed is told for each action. Well, I appreciate it. I appreciate all the preparing content not a bit less than the recruiting, army dispatching, hero and formation choosing prior to a battle –if such preparing is to an extent manageable to make it different from waiting. But the whole thing is not up to you. There is so much only possible over night.

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