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Downworld is an online game that allows players to challenge NPCs to exciting fights, through the use of mini-games and other puzzles. When starting out in the game, players must choose a gender and between two classes – the Breaker and the Caster classes. The Breaker is adept at combat, strength and boosted attacks, and the Caster excels at tricks, special attacks and manipulation. Once you have created your character, you can begin your in-game adventure, taking on robots, monsters, and enemy players to get experience points and new skills.

Combat is carried out through the use of fun mini-games – line up three or more colored crystals (also known as pieces) in a row to initiate an attack on your enemies. The more crystals you line up at once, the more powerful your attack against your opponent will be. There are five elements that need to be mastered in order to ensure victory. Destroying these pieces will build up your reserves of flow, which can be used to cast powerful Surges. Every combative win allows you to build up XP points, which in turn improves your rank and allows you to level up.

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