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Naruto Saga is the free mmo game based on the popular anime series Naruto. Featuring three ninja styles and a turn-based combat mechanic, it's a very enjoyable game to play for both the Naruto fans and mmo gamers.

- Three ninja styles
- Intuitive gameplay
- Ninja transformations
- No download is required to play
- Dynamic quests
- Pets system (beasts)
- Completely free

Ninjutsu characters excel in crit and have a special talent that limits Taijutsu ninjas' blocks.
The Taijutsu ninja's are known by its blocking capabilities which reduce the incoming damage, their talent affect Genjutsu ninjas' dodge.
Genjutsu fighters are best known for their dodging, they're pretty good at it and allows them to completely avoid some damage, their talent restricts Ninjutsu ninjas' strikes.

Is one the the main elements in the anime series, each 10 levels one gate is open and characters get an stats boostThe Eight Gates are a key element in Naruto Saga that let players open one gate every 10 levels in order to gain attribute boosts. Players will have to get crystals and spars to be able to unlock the next gate.

Players can transform in the ten main characters that the anime series Naruto has. This is required to use specific skills for specific tasks or moments, this characters are unlock as players level up.

When specific levels are reached, this pets will come into play, they offer boosts to their owners once summoned during combat, their effects can be improved by increasing the summoning level of the character.

The combat comes in the shape of 1v1 turn-based combat, although players can have up to 3 characters on the party only one of them can fight at a given time as an active fighter, the others will provide passive skills.

Players can have their very own piece of land, and plant what they want there, but it's not a easy task, they will have to take care of the plants, get rid of the bugs, and much more. The farm will gradually upgrade as players meet specific requirements even getting to have new additional plots.

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