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Drakensang Online is a free to play hack & slash online browser game with gorgeous graphics and effects.

Players must wage war against dragons and monsters across a vast range of landscapes, through treacherous swamps, forests, caves and cities drawing upon an impressive armory of weapons and a bewildering array of magic and spells at disposal.


- Instant Action: Play instantly without download
- Hack & Slay MMO with thousands of players simultaneously
- Weekly content updates
- Three talent trees with approx. 100 talents to choose from
- More than ten million registered players worldwide
- Three archetypes: Spellweaver, Dragonknight and Ranger
- Hundreds of hours of gameplay: crafting, pets, several PVP modes, more than 30 active skills and much, much more…


They use their mana to control the elements of fire, ice and lighting and manifest their spiritual powers by invoking mysterious spells. A spellweaver may be easy to disable in close combat but they're not easy to catch. They teleport out of the way of danger.

Their style is characterized by dynamics, as they stay constantly in motion. They choose their targets from afar, first weakening them with arrows and then striking them down in close combat with their blade bow.

Dragonknights are capable of channeling their pent-up anger to invoke special skills and make powerful attacks. That's why the longer they stay in battle, the more dangerous they become.


Long-forgotten creatures have started to re-emerge from the shadows of history. After witnessing the rise of humans, these creatures were pushed to the brink of extinction and forced into hiding. Yet time has broken the new order that was meant to last for an eternity, and dark minions have gathered their strength and unleashed humanity's oldest foe: The dragon which filled with a terrifying wrath built up over centuries, now wage a brutal war on the world. A deadly new era is dawning and humanity needs a new kind of hero to fight for the very survival of mankind.

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