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Elvenar is a browser-based free to play MMORTS in which players embody the leader of some settlers established on a new continent; players are also responsible for expanding its village and upgrading and training units to defend it from their various enemies. With strong elements of city building and tactical turn-based combat this free to play game offers a hands-on approach to battle that sets it apart from many other games in the genre. Players do not need to download a client to play the game as it can be accessed directly through their preferred web browser.


- Play as human or Elf; each faction has an own visual style
- Improve your village with dozens of different buildings
- Train five different types of units
- Progress through a large technology tree
- Trade and cooperate with other players
- Turn-based strategic combat
- Browser-based gameplay
- Completely free to play


The game features two different game styles, the first classical city building mode, in which we will have to build a city from scratch, building and improving new buildings as they are unlocked through the tech tree.

In the second mode we have to recruit and train an army, available to use for both offensive and defensive purposes, with which we will fight tactical battles based on hex based battle maps.


The two key factions in the game are the elves and the humans, and although it is currently not possible to fight the rival faction, the choice will determine the appearance, style and themes of your buildings, quests and units. The Elves buildings have a somewhat magical appearance, intertwined with elements of the nature, and their units are mystical and magical, while human buildings have a classic medieval style, and its units possess divine powers.


The players have at their disposal various buildings that will help grow their village, although they will have to take into account that the size of the city is limited, which will force them to consider which buildings are better. Regardless of the faction, there are different types of buildings:

Residences - Needed to increase the population of the cities, which increases the amount of gold that you receive from your citizens, which is used for the majority of actions in the game.

Workshops - Are needed to produce tools, supplies and more advanced products, as drinks, bread or objects of leisure.

Barracks - Are needed to train combat units that can be used to attack the various enemies in the world that pose a threat as well as defend your lands.

Cultural buildings - From signposts to trees and streetlamps, these decorative buildings will serve to satisfy your population.

Players can also improve these buildings to make them more efficient.


Each faction has access to 5 different units that are unlocked at various stages throughout the tech tree, whilst the factions have different units many of them follow similar base roles such as the Human Axe Barbarian and the Elven Sword Dancer being the primary melee troop, whereas the Elven Sorceress uses powerful ranged magic to reduce enemy damage the Human Priest focuses on using his divine abilities to lower an enemy's defences.

Each unit as well as having its own style of combat and attacks will also have its own movement range when manoeuvring around the hex based combat maps, units can be moved and positioned to block access to their weaker units, take cover behind terrain features and use all manner of strategy to outflank and outsmart their opponent. Currently the game does not feature a PVP element and instead focuses primarily on combat against AI opponents.


Players can collect knowledge points through exploration of the world map, completing quests or recovering relics. These points can be used to unlock new technologies in a vast tech tree that will give us access to new features, buildings, units and much more.

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