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Epic Arena is a free turn-based multiplayer game which combines cards and tabletop tactical games in one. It comes with 3d graphics and amazing sound FX, it has the classic fantasy theme you would expect and has asynchronous play to allow people play multiple games whenever they can and get engaged in it.

- Card, tabletop and tactical game
- Many different skills and abilities for teams and units
- Further team customisation through power cards
- Play against foes and friends
- Offline challenges to play on your own and refine you skills.

The end goal is to defeat the enemy team or its artefacts. Players get six cards at the beginning from different pools they have, such as gear, power-up and unit decks. One action point is required to use them and they can change the tide of the battle easily when used properly.

Brotherhood of Order
Taping the sacred Dragon Egg they gain power and don't tolerate the weaklings. They have been fighting against entropy and darkness forces forever and look forward to control the arena.
Legion of Chaos
They're led by the Eye of Chaos, they live in a brutal and uncertain world and of course also seek the dominance on the arena and will destroy those who oppose to that.

This deck is the most powerful of all three, it grants a major advantage over the rivals, the solely problem is that once they're used, they are permanently discarded which means players can't use it again unless they get another one on the store or build a war chest with some powers in it.

This cards are unit-focused and add from gear to boost to a specific unit they're used on. Some of these are permanent like shields, helmets… and others are consumed upon use like potions. Some of them can be used anywhere on the map while others are unit-centered.

Units have melee, ranged, movement range and defence as their basic stats, players have to be careful what they use since their damage output varies depending on the range or damage type, which can be physical and magical.

The game has two different arenas, Coliseum and Sanctuary. Players can play with the camera a bit, switching angles, zooming in and out and more. The game can shuffle different elements such as the game board and environments every time you play so it doesn't get repetitive over time.

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