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Last Chaos F2P

DEVELOPED BY: Barunson Games


Free to play and available on PC Last Chaos is a traditional fantasy based MMORPG set in the war-torn world of Iris, as the followers of two powerful deities clash and turn the lands into turmoil, you stand on the side of good to battle against the Dark God, Eres and his minions. Last Chaos provides an open world of adventure where players can choose to do whatever they wish, from seeking out challenging dungeons to hunting down notorious murderers; with various customizable classes the title is a feature packed MMO.


- 9 Player Classes
- PVE content, Dungeons and Raids
- Open World PVP, Arena and Guild Battles
- Various server types with their own rulesets
- Crafting professions and Jobs
- Earn and train your mounts and pets
- 100% F2P


The core experience of the game is essentially what players make it, with a rudimentary questing system players will primarily be making their own way through the world and engaging in the types of activities that they prefer. Through various activities players earn XP for their character, level them up, acquire new skills and higher stats and work towards getting better gear and tackling more challenging content.


When players first start the game and choose their server, they have an additional list of sub-servers that they can play on (characters are locked to a server, but can switch between the different sub-servers). These sub-servers provide new features such as Siege or Raids, whereas others have no PVP, allowing players to move from one sub-server to the next depending on what type of content they want to experience.


There are 9 available classes in the game to choose from, ranging from melee and distanced based combatants using various weapons or magic, or support/heal based classes; all of which have their own skillset and specialised/dual classes, for example:

Sorcerer – These High Elf sorcerers draw upon the four elements to summon nature's spirits or Elementals to give them aid as well as harnessing devastating attacks. The Sorcerer can focus on being an Elementalist and mastering their summoning capabilities, or a Specialist to convert their own body into an elemental weapon

Rogue – Completing a job by whatever means necessary they are a practical fighter that doesn't shy from using trickery and deception to overcome their opponents. They can specialise on becoming an Assassin and having strong 1 v 1 capabilities or a Ranger that focuses on archery and trap making.

As players level up they acquire Skill Points with which to spend on their different skill trees, giving them the flexibility to focus on different areas of their class and create their own class builds that suit their preferred style of play.


PVP is a big component of the game (unless you play on a PVP-free sub-server) and open world PVP is a constant threat and a danger to lone players; to engage in PVP a player must have their PVP flag turned on, which allows them to attack any other player level 16 or above. If a player has their PVP flag turned off then they cannot attack, but they can still be attacked, the only difference being that if they are killed they do not lose XP and SXP as they normally would with their PVP flag on.

Killing players not flagged for PVP is considered PKing and they are seen as “innocent”, PK enough innocents and a player's name becomes red keeping them permanently flagged for PVP, hunted by other players, and they lose more XP when they are killed.


Players can battle against a wide number of creatures and monsters all across the world of Iris, with lower level creatures in the starting areas and more powerful enemies further away and hidden away in dangerous dungeons. Some dungeons exist on a specific sub-server to provide Raid content where players can battle as a group to try and take on the most challenging enemies and recover raid gear to make them more powerful in combat.


Operating System: Windows XP and higher
Processor: Pentium4 1.5 GHz
Memory: 512GB
Hard Drive Space: 7GB
Graphics: Radeon 8500 or GeForce4 Ti
DirectX Ver: 9.0c

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