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Blade Hunter F2P

Blade hunter is a side-scrolling action mmorpg that runs on a browser and brings the arcade feeling back by featuring heroic adventures to defeat evil. The game is focused on hack-and-slash including stacking combos, explosive attacks and more just to deal an insane amount of damage to your foes.


- Retro arcade Hack & Slash gameplay
- Quests and rewards
- Hire AI-controlled sidekicks
- Improve skills to suit your style
- Enchant your equipment to increase your damage outcome
- Join or create a Guild
- Discover powerful gadgets thanks to the Excavation System
- Difficulty modes such as Hero and Nightmare Dungeons

Characters gain XP by handing quests over and killing mobs, they eventually level up and get to unlock new skills which they can learn by paying gold and skill points. They have 5 color-coded ranks which increase the effect of the skill, and are upgraded by spending skill points on them, which are mainly earned by running Nightmare and Hero Dungeons.

Most of the game can be run solo but there is specific content which is designed for groups. Nightmare and Hero dungeons are examples of this, they ask for stamina to get in so you can't run them all day long, they grant players who clean them completely XP, gold and skill points.

For social players who like to get involved into larger groups and run content with a more static roster they have the guilds, they can create their own if they are Level 50 and have 3 million gold or they can just join one and get into the group content with their guild mates, they can also get some perks from being in a guild as it levels up and the GM unlocks them.

PvP Arenas
Players can fight each other ni specific areas and instances, they can queue and a matchmaking system will put them facing a worthy opponent based on multiple variables such as level, gear and so on. Players get to pick which of the opponents they can from a list of 5 seeing the rank increase they would get if they beat them, it's limited to 10 arenas a day and you get honour out of it.

Items and Gear
Players can buy and get equipment while playing, from vendors and as rewards, and they can also upgrade it by enchanting it. Players can also use the Excavation feature to get long lost artefacts that grant bonuses.

Players can purchase diamonds with real money which is the premium currency which can be used to reset cooldowns of dungeons or queues.

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