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Faeria F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play CCG & Board Strategy


Free to play Faeria mixes classic TCG/CCG with board game-esq tabletop strategy, players build a deck from dozens of different cards, then battle head to head in duels against players and AI, they must build up the battlefield from their land tiles and place down their units to control the battlefield, move around it, attack their enemy and destroy the rival God by reducing it to 0 hp. With beautifully designed graphics, a sleek user interface and exceptional sound, the game is the perfect addition to the TCG/Strategy genre.


- Build a deck from dozens of cards
- Go one on one against other players
- Battle through Arena mode, Ranked play and Puzzle mode
- Construct lands and build up the battlefield
- Craft cards to complete your deck
- Earn currency and buy card booster packs
- 100% F2P


The core of the game starts as a standard card collecting game, players must earn, buy or craft cards to make up a deck of at least 30 cards made up of event, structure and creature cards; each card goes into the player's deck and they are drawn at random into the players hand each turn. Every turn players have a portion of Faeria to spend, which can be increased in various ways, and each card has a faeria cost based on the power of the card (the more powerful, the more it costs to play). The ultimate objective, as with other CCGs, is to reduce the enemy's God avatar to zero hp to win the game in a 1v1 duel.

However, with Faeria there is an element of board game mechanics to combat; creature cards placed onto the hex tile game board are tokens that can be moved around each turn, each has its own attacks, abilities, health and function. Players must move their pieces around the board strategically, supporting them with structure and event cards, adding a much deeper strategic element to each battle.


As a God one of your abilities is to construct the world itself; starting out with a vast ocean your units are unable to fight for you without land to battle upon, each turn players can place land such as two “plains” which act as a standard hex tile used as a platform to place your units, or as a way to move around the map, reach Faeria wells, enemies, and ultimately the opposing boss. Alternatively players can construct a single special terrain hex: Mountain, Desert, Forest or Lake, some cards require the player to have constructed X number of a certain terrain type so that they can be played and in the case of creatures any cards with a terrain pre-requisite can only be placed on that terrain type.


Decks are built as with other CCGs, players can create a deck from three primary type of card:

Structure Cards – When played onto the battlefield they take up a hex and are unable to move, these structures grant an ongoing bonus every round to the player, or can be a hindrance to the enemy. Whilst they cannot attack they do have hitpoints and can be destroyed and removed from play by creatures and events that cause damage

Creature Cards – These make up the bulk of the deck and have the main presence on the battlefield, once placed they can move around the map each turn and attack enemies, dealing their Damage score, and have a number of hitpoints represented by their Health score. Creatures can sometimes have a trait that gives them an extra feature, such as being able to attack multiple times, increase their damage/hp each round, boost allies, and more

Event Cards – These cards can effect various areas of the game, they can target the Gods directly and inflict damage upon them, or rain down destruction upon enemy creatures. Similarly they can be benevolent events that heal allies, utility focus that allow your lands to grow more quickly provide players with more faeria resources


Operating System: OSX10+ / Win 7 or higher
Processor: 2.2GHz Dual Core
Memory: 4GB
Hard Drive Space: 3

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