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Zombies ate my pizza F2P

Zombies Ate My Pizza is a fast-paced funny free to play shooter that runs on a browser and has mmorpg features, players play together to fight off zombies that are everywhere after a zombie apocalypse. The game has constant references to pizza, cheese and zombies with a funny touch.

- Shooter MMORPG
- Training for PvP
- Summon powers by combining cards
- Cross-server battles
- Unlock, upgrade and improve your weapons
- Create or join your own player Militia
- Completely free to play on a browser

The players will fight zombies through pve levels with their friends on the browser, the controls are easy as you get to shoot with the mouse and numbers are used for skills. There are several objects in the environment that can be shot.

Players can also do some pvp, having diferent modes to choose from, once they get in the pvp zone they will test their skills against their friends.

Players can buy gear and weapons with specific requirements they will eventually meet, so they will get more powerful over time. There are manual weapons and automatic weapons, the second ones are useful when they run out of ammo of the first one.

They have several slots to put their equipment into, there are weapons, bonuses to stats and utility items, sll types is pretty much covered.

The PvP is enabled upon reaching L42 and players can challenge each other to a 3v3 game where they will proof their skill. There is a training tutorial to help players get rolling on this competitive feature. There are also bonuses that can be collected 3 times a day to help winning some pvp matches.

An interesting pvp mode is deathmatch, once per day at very specific times players can sign up for it and they will get matched against opponents, they will gain points and rewards by killing their fose as you may guess already.

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