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Fallen sword is a free browser game set in a fantasy world where players become adventurers, the game features solo and multiplayer mode with an old school touch to it, from the mechanics to the graphics.

- Tons of game content, dozens of creatures, realms, and a myriad of levels
- Edge technology makes the game run on HTML 5
- Several abilities and skills to use
- Thousands of vanity items and quests
- Global market and trading to sell what you find
- Frequent events and contests
- Completely free

The world map is broken down into tiles which are used to move through the map, being each individual tile a whole area with its own map. There will will display a brief description of what's in that tile so you can decide if you want to go in there or not.

Players can use portals to teleport between places and they have level requirements and cost, which will vary depending on the level of the area you want to go, being high level area the expensive ones and the ones that require your character to have a high level.

Tha players can attack creatures and monsters all around the place, although it's recommended to first click on the to check what they wear, and some general information such as level, since the combat is an automated process, they must be sure they can beat the opponent before starting combat. They can also attack other players and check their info, but this has a cooldown of one hour.

Players will get loot after each encounter, from gold coins to gear and weapons, and also experience points, it's important to note here that if a player loses the encounter they will lose gold and experience.

There is a detailed profile for players to check how their character is doing, overall statistics, level, experience, gear, pvp numbers and more. It also tracks down all achievements, medals and important things it has done.

To control how many action a player can make the game has a stamina system where all actions consume stamina from your character pool. It regenerates over time so it's just a matter of waiting to be able to do more things. There are ways to raise your total stamina in the game and premium currency to reset it.

There is a crafting system in the game where players can craft their own gear and weapons, this self-made items will have increased stats and some bonuses depending on the quality of the final item.
This quality will increase as the character gains experience by crafting items, the more they craft the better it gets at it.

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