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Yitien Chronicles is a MMO roleplaying game that runs on a browser and it's based on the eastern culture, characters live in Yuan Dynasty, China, and get on a quest of knowledge to master the secrets of ancient kung-fu scrolls. The game itself offers a dynamic experience from traditional, turn-based battles, an arena, PK events, common mounts and pets mechanics to the classic Paper, Rock, Scissors game.

- Persistent world
- Unique PK events
- Daily battles
- Spirit donation to get EXP in return
- Board game within the game itself
- Marriages which boost characters

A proper tanks, they are sturdy, and prefer to stay on the front lines throwing blows at the enemies' face.

Sword dancer
Sword Dancers are pretty good damage dealers specialized in performing series of swift and lethal strikes.

Healers can heal their allies and themselves so they are essential in any party.

Pets gain EXP and even level up when fighting as character's sidekicks. They have three skills that can be upgraded up to level 3. More pet skill slots can be unlocked when pet reaches specific levels.

There are several ways to enhance the pet's power: players can increase their pet's aptitude using refresh orbs, increase their attacks, defence and HP by feeding pellets, increase the pet's growth through growth orbs, and morph their pet to not only alter their appearance but also add to their stats.

Members of a clan gain extra energy by exchanging contribution points and they can also utilize clan formations, take part in clan battles and purchase cool items from the clan shop. Shaking the Money Tree or even fishing are some ways to obtain clan contribution and even EXP.

Players can also plant watermelons, which can be bought at the clan orchad, to get contribution and EXP.

There are several unique events in the game. For example, players can go fishing to obtain EXP, or contribution points if they're in a clan, silver coins, vouchers or ingots if they get a good fish. Other events of interest are the PK event Grove of Valor, board game Checkpoint and the L60 monster hunting event at Heavenly Peak.

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