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Florensia is a fantasy mmo roleplay game where players can level up on both land and sea separately. The traditional MMORPG elements exist on both land and sea and in order to go from one continent to another you will have to hop on your boat and set sail. The game has some of the best looking animated graphics out there. Create and develop your own personal character, build a ship and train your abilities afloat and ashore with the unique dual battle system of Florensia.

Highlighted features

- Develop your own character with unique look and equipment.
- In the future, you will be able to change your job; each base class can choose two different ways.
- Solve riddles, complete challenging quests and slay the most dangerous monsters.
- Explore the countryside and the adventuresome dungeons, level your character and create a unique build with various status and skill points.
- Join a guild and prepare for upcoming guild wars and be among the first to lay siege on yet to be discovered sites.
- Collect rare items, fish for hidden treasures, upgrade your equipment and become a well-known fighter.
- Increase your sea level and complete the separate naval skill tree.
- Extend your battles to the open sea – build your own ship, hire a crew and set sail on the vast ocean to fight strong monsters in hidden dungeons and on the open sea.
- Choose among four base character classes called Mercenary, Explorer, Noble, Saint.
- Choose among five ship types in various sizes to find your perfect battle ship.
- Duel other players or parties under the rules of bravery and honor afloat and ashore.
- In the future you can hatch and raise your own pet as valuable companion while fighting against your enemies.


After the so-called great upheaval, all that remains of the once prosperous continent Lux Plena is a few islands and the uncharted sea. Numerous dangers threaten the survivors who now have to fight great battles against various monsters and human hazards in order to survive. But even among the humans themselves, peace and harmony are rare, as various unions and factions attempt to gain the absolute power.

In the old language of the ancestors, “Florensia” means “travelling and working for your goals, going ahead on the way of life”. Everyone in the known world – may it be the pirates, the brave adventurers or the monsters on the open sea – is working for their goals, so that “Florensia” becomes the reason for their existence.


CPU:Pentium4 1.3GHz
OS: Windows 2000/xp
Graphic Card:GeForce4 Ti Series 64MB or better
Free Space:4GB
Direct XirectX9.0c or later


“Gacha” is a “sound word”. It is a part of the Japanese word “Gachapon”. “Gacha” is the sound a toy vending machine produces when you insert a coin in it and “pon” is the sound of the toy when it drops into the receptacle.

The first Florensia “Gacha” is a spinning wheel. If you insert 1000 AP into the spinning wheel, you will be able to spin it once and if you hit one of the treasure chests, you will get one of in total 30 exclusive Headmounts. These Headmounts are not available for purchase and not obtainable anywhere else!

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