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Gigantic F2P

Gigantic is a free to play PVP focused MMO that blends together classic FPS shooter, action melee brawler and MOBA gameplay in strategic team based 5v5 battles. With a variety of characters to choose from and elements of in game customisation players will find a style of play that suits them from melee and ranged combatants to support classes.


- Currently 12 available Heroes
- Fight against and alongside monolithic Guardians
- Fast-paced team focused combat
- Manoeuvre across the battlefield with the unique spells and abilities
- Customise your character in battle
- Free to play


The game revolves around 5v5 team based PVP where the objective of the game is to take down the enemies enormous Guardian NPC, a giant sized creature of legendary proportions that has its own unique attacks. As players progress through a battle completing various sub objectives such as controlling strategic points, killing enemy players and infiltrating the enemy base to sap life force from the enemy Guardian. With these sub objectives players will be directly increasing the strength of their own Guardian as it slowly progresses across the map towards the central area where the two Guardians will have a final showdown in the Clash alongside their allies.


There are a number of different Heroes available in the game, ranging from melee combatants to long-range attackers, each offering up a different play style, such as:

Tyto the Swift - an agile and deadly sword wielding swashbuckler this melee focused combatant brings acrobatics, flair and his pet into battle

The Margrave - this maniac tank was able to replace his lost arm with that of a Demons that he tore from it as it was dying and grafted it to himself giving him unstoppable melee abilities

Lord Knossos - this deadly duel spear wielding Minotaur Lord comes from a conquering tribal horde who seeks to renew their old glories and reputation

Vadasi - a divine healer she is one with the spirits and controls their orbs to bestow healing powers upon her allies or harm her enemies

Roland - this tech savvy Bounty Hunter comes equipped with guns, gadgets and a thirst for the chase when tracking down his fugitive prey

Imani - a sniper armed with an oversized crossbow that he can use with various types of ammo as well as a magnifying scope for long range attacks

Tripp - the Empire's most notorious assassin she has harnessed the power is of lightning with both the speed of her attacks and how she glides across the battlefield

Uncle Sven - the mad alchemist uses his flasks to hurl acid and fiery Molotov's at enemies as well as the ability to heal his allies

HK-206 - this armoured robot has access to quite the arsenal, from machine gun barrages and mortar attacks to deadly homing missiles

Charnok - a fearsome draconic sorcerer that has mastery over flames able to breathe fire in a devastating cone, summon burning meteorites or shoot off fireball projectiles


The Guardians are the primary objective in the battle, too big for normal mortals to take down alone it will require your own teams Guardians' intervention to bring down the enemy titan. With their own abilities these creatures cannot initially be killed by players; however they are able to sneak into the enemy base and attack the heart of the creature that will steal from it its power, which is given to your team's own Guardian. As the Guardians advance across the battlefield they will destroy and alter the terrain as they go creating a constantly changing dynamic battlefield. In the Clash players are no longer fighting for strategic points or summoning creatures, here the two guardians will fight both each other and the enemy players and at this point, with your assistance, the enemy Guardian can be destroyed and victory claimed


At key points across the battlefield are strategic areas that players can try to control, the more strategic points controlled the stronger a Guardian grows. At these points players can summon Creatures that can also aid players as allies, these creatures come in a range of potential allies with their own abilities from healers, buffers and even have abilities to reveal hidden enemies and resurrect fallen allies.


The combat itself is fast, fluid and dynamic with a range of abilities and character types available and players must switch between long ranged FPS shooter type combat and up close in melee brawler, requiring precision and aiming and well-timed dodges

Players are also able to earn and spend skill points, upgrading their key abilities as they progress through the game as well as general upgrades to increase their attacks and defences, similar to a MOBA style skill upgrade.

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