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Legend of Silkroad F2P

Legend of Silkroad is a free historical fantasy MMO roleplaying gamein a clash between three great kingdoms: China , Rome, and Persia in a three-factions pvp warfare for the Eurasian continent.

- Historical fantasy setting
- Three faction warfare
- Diverse PvP content
- Huge world open to exploration
- Completely free

One of the key elements in Legend of Silkroad are the caravan attacks, players taking on the role as ambushing thieves or defending hunters whilst escorting long trails of travelling merchant caravans through dangerous lands.

Players can also engage in Guild Wars, faction based kingdom wars and exciting fortress battles against other players. Alternatively players can play through the PvE content taking on historical quests or playing in dungeons that are automatically balanced for the player.

Shadow Hunter – They mix magic and bows they are skilled long ranged fighters with the ability to hid. They use light armour and magic defences and their enemies often die well before closing the distance between themselves and them.

Swordsman –Skilled fighters revered due to their athletic and nimble combat abilities they are deadly on melee. With middle-of-the-road armour they utilise their Persian shadow blade and illusion defences to subdue their enemies.

Force Mage - Powerful users of the arcane arts who use staff and lightly armoured robed as defences, their strength is quickly revealed as their magic can choose their enemies and ends them swiftly.

Knight - They fought as the elite in old Rome trained up as soldiers in the military. They live for battle, armed with the finest weapons and armour. Utilising their heavy swords to deal holy spell damage they are the best Rome has to offer.

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