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Global Soccer F2P

Global soccer is a football free MMORPG where players get to build from scratch their very own football player and play against other players in leagues and tournaments, the game revolves around roleplaying one football player not managing the whole team, so it's a skill based challenge, you gain experience and improve as you win matches.

- Level up, train and customize your football player.
- Get to live your player's life by buying fancy cars and houses and taking interviews.
- Social hub to interact with the rest of the football players.
- Completely free.

The game allows players to pick a path to follow when creating the character, striker, defender and midfielder are the roles, which develop in different ways of playing and improving the character by bringing more skills into play and improving some stats, for instance a defender can improve his shot at goal but the striker will always be better at it.

This role also defines what region of the playfield will be best for that player, getting out of it will generate stress points which practically debuffs the player to hinder his ability on that area.

Since players will stick to that character throughout the whole game they have deep customization process when creating a new player, hair color and cut, face, skin color, those are just some of the options players will have access to, after that, they will keep developing it as they see fit, tranining what they think it will improve their overall performance.

Global Soccer City is the heart of the community, the social part of the game, which is the virtual world where players hang out between matches, there are several places to visit, events to assist to, and players even get to play with his very own apartment.

Players get it by playing the game and can also buy it at the in-game store. The money they get by playing varies depending on level, content type, and prestige points which are determined by the type of life the player has, getting expensive clothes and cars will increase it for instance.

Players can spend this money on luxury stuff such as cars and houses and also on common hobbies such as eating at a restaurant found in the social hub called global soccer city. Eating is necessary for players since their energy gets empty at the end of each match, so they have to chill and recover, it's a nice synergy to push players to interact with others between matches.

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