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Gokickoff F2P

GoKickOff is a football management free game that is played online with thousands of players on your browser. As you may suppose, players are put in charge of a football club and all that it involves, players, stadium, media, and so on. Star as an unknown club and get to the top of the ladder in this complete title.


- Manage a football/soccer club
- Design its logo and strip
- Maintain and upgrade the facilities
- Get and sell players on the market
- Play against other player teams in the same league and cups you are
- Free to play on your browser

Your Team
Since you start from scratch, you have to pick your team's name, logo and design the uniform and you're ready to go, enjoy playing the league, cups and tournaments against other players, there is no ending in this game and there are goals to be achieved over time so players won't find themselves with nothing to pursue.

You can change the training session, the facilities, your players, and much more to get an elite team and get to the top league and win every single competition you get into.

Putting a squad together
Picking the right players for each match is a very delicate task but that doesn't guarantee a victory, the tricky part is organizing them on the playfield and choosing the best strategy and positions for each situation. Also getting rid of the players who are not performing ok and getting new and better ones is a huge help. You can get them from the market or go for a home-grown talent.

Facility Management
Getting players from the youth team is possible when you have enough funds, and that is only achieved by having a good income source, you can get money from bars and hotels, the stadium and the spectators.

Once you get to that point you can upgrade the facilities and get more specific buildings such as fitness centre and training grounds and then you're on the roll.

Leagues and Cup Tournaments
Players start from the lowest division with a very low budget, they will have to work hard and win matches to get sponsors, spectators, buildings, money and better players, still that is not all, there are cups and tournaments happening all the time in which you can also get involved and beat other players.

There are cups and tournaments for different categories and zones, for the same country, best teams worldwide and much more. There are tons of competitions to get involved.

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