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Help your adorable small penguin friends make the world a greener place to live in, the game is set in the small icy villages of North and South Poleville. On your very own patch of icy land in one of these villages, grow and sustain a blooming garden, full of fresh fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers and lush plants. Help the penguins in their quest to become more environmentally friendly and lesson their impact on the world.

In Penguin Farmer you start out with a basic garden patch that has been covered in ice to protect it from the bad polar bears. Defrost the patch, plant lush vegetables such as carrots and radishes and watch them thrive. Plant, water and grow various other seeds for fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees, and even decorate and personalise your garden patch with cute accessories. Explore the towns in your decked out penguin motor slide, and go shopping for new seeds at the marketplace, florist or farm. In Penguin Farmer, you can show off your prized produce at the city hall, where you compete against other players. Meet other gardeners and even appoint a penguin scientist to help your plants to grow much faster. Take on quests handed down by the citizens of North and South Poleville, watch your colourful garden thrive, and unlock exciting new levels with new seeds in this cute browser-based MMOG.

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