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Fantasy rivals F2P

Fantasy Rivals is an mmo f2p broser TCG. The game features hundreds of heroes still to discover, an epic arc to complete, and the chance to meet players from all over the world. Players will get powerful heroes and level them up to face their opponents in intense strategic battles.

- fun and addictive gameplay based on strategy and bluff
- 3 PvP-oriented game modes: Training, League, and Classic
- rankings in various leagues
- 6 rival factions from the Island of Rhynn
- hundreds of powerful heroes to build up an army
- no download required
- completely free-to-play

Players gather a team of heroes that they then lead into battle to become the greatest warrior in the world of Rhynn. They will build decks, go head-to-head in battle and evolve their heroes after several rounds against fierce opponents while all the while uncovering the secrets of Rhynn's past in order to forge its future.

A regular battle consists of 4 rounds, during which the player's heroes and those of the opponent compete against each other, players will gamble on the strength of their hero. A hero who wins a duel inflicts damage on the opponent's life pool and in order to defeat him, player must either reduce their life points to zero or finish the game with more life points than him.

The game contains a large array of heroes that players can pick from to build up their army. New heroes will be added twice a month. Each hero belongs to one of the six factions and has their own style of play and special abilities. There are four rarity tiers, from common to epic, and are characterised by their own distinct background as well as by the stats bonuses.

The legions of the depths are preparing raid the world above them. From deep in their laboratories, the scientists of the Abyss are making creatures with an array of powers such as psychic powers designed, whatever it takes to serve up the world on a dish to the Kraken.

The disciples of the Unicorn possess the wisdom of the oak and the brutality of turbulent torrents. They're keepers of ancient knowledge,and you can expect them to do all they can to protect nature from war with the help of their crossbows and swords.

Sons of the Dragon, they are usually described as savage, fierce, unorganized and aggressive beings. Surging forth on the heels of their current champion, they are like a plague that consumes the fields and farms, leaving rivers of burning blood behind.

They're united by faith and guided by light. The Cacicium of the Prime Glow reigns over the Empire from his golden fortress awaiting the day when the new emperor rise up to fulfill the profecy.

Servants of the Serpent and shadows among shadows, they sow seeds of chaos in their foe's hearts. They can easily worm their way into powerful positions and into the most foul-smelling taverns, and all to bring the world to its knees.

Hidden in the innermost depths of the dark palaces, the lords of death gather their deformed armies from their tombs. Swathed in the foul-smelling essence of the Raven, destroy all living beings in a complete conquest of the world.

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