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HEX has an amazing community and features storytelling aspects of a MMORPG, and all that on top of the trading card game mechanics that has been around for ages to create an entirely new gaming experience.

- customisable champions with talents, gear, and game altering abilities
- dozens of dungeons and raids for epic gear
- full featured auction house
- enjoy its aggressive organized play infrastructure
- guild feature including guild-only tournaments
- the most advanced TCG AI ever created
- amazing digital TCG innovations
- more than 700 cards in total

HEX: shards of fate features a system of on-demand tournaments and a calendar full of scheduled events that awards invitation points to active players so they can can log in at any time and participate in a tournament being this of importance for bigger events. Qualifiers provide players with an opportunity to play in the HEX World Championship tournament.

On-demand tournaments
There will be 4 different queues for players to join in and play any time they want. Within 3 hours, they can start and finish a tournament. The current queues are: constructed (a single elimination tournament, prizes for the top 4 players), casual draft (a single elimination draft tournament, prizes for the top 4 players), competitive draft (a single elimination draft tournament, prizes for the top 2 players), and Swiss play draft (a draft tournament format where you continue playing even if you lose).

Scheduled events
Including daily, weekly, and monthly Swiss tournament format. While daily scheduled tournaments take place every 4 hours and are played over 4 rounds, weekly and monthly tournaments are different and they happen on Fridays or weekends and the number of rounds will vary depending on the number of participating players.

Players have a champion that represents them in the world of Entrath, there are 20 champions, and each one influence the whole deck differently affecting the way you build it. They belong to one of the 8 races and 6 classes you can find within the game, allowing players to find the perfect one for them.

When the player uses them in dungeons during PvE campaign, the hero increases in level and power as he/she gains experience. The champion's picture will vary as well and they ca can be further customized by picking unique talents that players may choose 10 levels.

There are 8 races players can pick when creating their character, from over-ground races like humans, elves, coyotle, and orcs that form the Ardent Alliance, to underground ones like dwarves, vennen, shin'hare, and necrotic.

Each card a record with all kind of statistics about how it has been played, their innovative double back stores the card's history, they can even earn badges for winning tournaments, also they keep the data from each gaming session as well as the experience bar to unlock the card's foil version when completely filled. The double back moreover features three achievements players can complete in order to unlock the extended art version of the card.

Artifacts vary from troops to powerful effects.

Players can use actions in several ways, to buff their troops, attack the opposing champion, or defend themselves against other actions. Every time you play an action card it goes straight into the graveyard.

Constant cards are like actions but their effects stay in play as so does the card.

Troops are the basic creatures, beings or creations players use as cannon fodder. They attack, block, and use powers to defeat the opponent, and they stay in play until destroyed.

Is the basic pool players must tap to cast spells or creatures on the battlefield, players gain a resource point for each resource card, a threshold based on that source and even one charge point.

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