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Kingsroad F2P

Kingsroad is a massive multiplayer online RPG which you can play for free on a browser, featuring fantasy theme and 3d graphics, you can get into the shoes of an archer, knight or wizard, and switch between them as you slash your way through monsters and villains of Alderestone.


- Switch between three classes at any given time
- Rescue NPC who will help you progress in the game
- Play through content multiple times to unlock extra rewards
- Team up with players and face tougher content.
- High quality visual content, artwork and environments
- Play on your browser for free

Players will unveil a deep story as they complete the maps they're thrown in, their characters will also develop and they will get into bigger things as they become powerful heroes, maps are replayable so players can get ta rewards from them, also there are tougher difficulties as they repeat them.

The Knight: It's a defensive class which also deals huge amount of damage.
The Archer: They attack from long-range and are able to drop several attacks in no time.
The Wizard: They use magic to attack several foes at a given time with area attacks.

Players will gain skill points which can use to upgrade/improve their current skills or unlock new ones. there are passive and active skills, while the active ones are attacks or effects that last for a short period of time, the passive skills modify character stats permanently.

Players can use the Forge to break unwanted items into their ingredients, and use those to craft new pieces of armor and weapons, if they're missing ingredients to craft a specific item, they can use gems instead which are the premium currency which is earned by playing and you can get it on the store for real money.

The game has several features to help players get along and play together, all MMO games are meant to be played with friends and other players and there are special content designed for them.
There are also guilds so players can create or join one and play with their guild mates.

Gems are the premium currency and can be earned by playing the game or bought on the online store, they can be used for unlocking features without the specified requirements, buy extra skill points, and help with crafting, still the whole game is accessible without using them.

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