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GAME STYLE: Free to play Fantasy MMORPG


In Kritika Online users fight against a tyrannical empire and its despot ruler who has amassed an army after discovering a powerful arcane material that has boosted the technological process of the realm. A free to play MMORPG the game offers an anime style and classical Asian fantasy themes in a magic meets technology setting. Users are able to play multiple characters and advance through the world battling their way through a variety of instanced environments called “danger zones” and acquire powerful items, gear and loot. As well as PVE the game provides a crafting system and even a PVP arena where users are able to fight each other for rank and rewards.


- 4 Unique characters/classes
- PVE danger zones
- PVP arenas
- Crafting system
- Multi “alt” character bonuses
- 100% F2P


Kritika Online is a traditional quest oriented MMORPG where users pick up quests from various NPCs and complete them in order to progress the story line but also as a means to earn XP and improve their character to tackle greater combat challenges in the game. With its fast, dynamic combat style users are encouraged to create multiple characters and repeat the game content to get added rewards, Kritika has a system in place where a character gains a buff based on the sum total of all their characters levels (the more characters a user has and the higher their levels then the more powerful their buff is overall). Users can augment their characters with gear that is dropped as loot as well as acquire skill points from levelling up to refine which skills they wish to improve based on their play style.


There are 4 classes to play in the game:

Warrior – A classic sword wielding fighter that can provide some defences to a group of players, but is also able to deal some impressive damage themselves

Gunmage – Equipped with not only a pistol but also a mastery of magic, and they weave their arcane attacks in with their traditional gun attacks when in combat

Rogue – A fast and agile melee combatant their strategy is to jump into battle, deal as much damage as possible, and then get straight back out or dodge around their enemy avoiding attacks

Reaper – Fearsome upon the battlefield they wield a huge curved scythe blade, able to make sweeping attacks and cut their foes to pieces

The above four classes are the base classes in the game that determine a particular play style, however, once a character reaches level fifteen they can branch out into one of a number of sub-classes that provide them with more skills and further refine their role in combat and also in a group.


The combat system relies on users battling through dozens of enemies at a time, using their skills to create combo attacks which deal increased damage and have different effects on enemies. Users are able to learn a few combos during the tutorial, but they will have to work out the rest themselves by experimenting in combat and seeing what works. As the combat is very fast paced it relies on users reactions to be able to get into combat and dodge around incoming enemy attacks, or control their opponents by knocking them up in the air and juggling them with other attacks, or even repeatedly hitting the A-D keys to try and break any stuns.


The danger zone areas are instanced based locations that users can enter solo, or as part of a group; upon entering the user (or group leader) can choose the difficulty of the zone from Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane mode, which will in turn determine the health, damage and general challenge of the encounter. Inside users must battle through various areas, clearing each area in turn and destroying all the enemies within them before entering the next area, all of which lead to a final boss area where they must fight a powerful boss enemy with more unique mechanics. Upon defeating the boss the group is given a score based on the successful completion, things such as the speed of completion, number of deaths and damage taken, and other factors are taken into consideration when giving a grade; the higher the grade the better the loot!


Currently Unknown

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