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Set in a fantasy world, Legends of Aethereus is an epic action RPG for core gamers with four player co-op, a variety of PvP game types and a full single player campaign with an engaging story. Players will venture into the uncharted Aethereus, seeking fame, glory and untold riches. They will slay enemies, craft weapons, improve their armour and hone their skills to reach the goal of their travels.

- Physics-based combat system including traps, set-up weapons and interaction with environmental objects
- Expedition system allowing for virtual infinite replayability
- Crafting and Materials system for almost limitless customisation
- diverse and expansive skill tree for a multitude of character strategies
- Customisation features to personalize your own city environment
- PvP, Co-op and Single Player combat in your own City-State Combat Arena

Players will not only be able to fully customise their character's appearance but also to design their own combat arena as well as their City-State to their liking. They are provided with a statue-maker, banner creator and other customisation features. Using those, they will, for example, be able to build statues depicting the beasts they have fought.

Crafty and powerful, the Inventor makes up for lacking defence in attacking power. They're geared towards finding and restoring old technologies, as well as tinkering with new machinery. Inventors have a variety of powerful explosives to aid them, including mines, throwable bombs, lantern bombs, and rockets.

The Astrographer is engaged in the development and study of the cosmos and alchemy. Employing Aether-based technology in their weaponry, they're equipped with heavy flamer-type weapons, and devices that use Aether to create mystical particle fields of different effects.

The Officer Class has several powerful defensive attributes as well as special melee skills and can therefore be used as a powerful tank. Some of the officer skills include: Caltrops, Punji Sticks, Iron Barrier, Carnal Strength, Trailing Strike, Ferocious Stomp and the Javelin.

The arena is the place where players can challenge friends to PvP or Co-op combat and are able to design and create a variety of arena combat scenarios using their library of beasts, traps and contraptions that will dazzle the opponents, amaze the crowd and make their arena one of the sought after combat meeting grounds.

The “Last Stand”
Available for single player and co-op, this mode will confront players with waves of enemies found in Ghalia.

King of the Hill
Players will fight their way to the middle of a circle in the arena and gain points by staying alone in the circle the longest.

This famous mode's goal is to kill as many opponents as possible within a set time limit.

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