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Frost Wars F2P

Frost Wars: The Rise of Fatty Sparkles is a free strategy MMO played by turns and supports cross-platform pvp. The game is designed around the community and for the community, players can decide the heading of the game.

- Single & multiplayer games
- Heroes, squads and a wide array of weapons
- Detailed maps
- Weekly tournaments
- Browser-based and cross-platform
- Completely free

The developers are constantly getting ideas from players in order to build up and customize the game for their player base. Being players like game designers, putting new ideas on the table and voting them.

The game brings players the chance to create their very own fighting style with custom squads with riflemen, rocketeers, spies, grenadiers, commandos, tanks, planes, and more. Players can customize them even more with vanity items gear and custom bases.

Including Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Anarchy Mode, and more:

Speed Play
Synchronous game mode in which four friends or opponents join together to battle for 10-20 minutes length.

Extended Play
This asynchronous game mode for 2-4 players offers a less intensitve3 type of game spreading over several days and allowing multiple battles to happen at the same time.

From ice bergs, to Arctic mountains, passing through ancient temples, each map brings unique strategic challenges and elements.

The game hosts weekly tournaments allowing players to compete between them in order to win fame and fortune, with real cash prizes every week.

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