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Loadout F2P

Loadout is a new free-to-play third person multiplayer shooter that is all about weapon crafting and customization. Players can build unique weapons from a huge number of parts before throwing themselves into the PvP arenas.


- no classes: weapons determine the player's role
- invent your own outrageous weapons, join up with a team and battle it out for online supremacy
- gain EXP and in-game money while fighting to unlock or buy new parts, taunts and outfits
- characters designed with humour as hard-as-rock guerrilla-soldiers-meet-comic-style
- large amount of available parts for weapon crafting: over 50 million combinations
- several game modes on different maps
- cool accessory and taunt options


Weapon crafting is the heart and soul of Loadout. The game provides all the materials and options for every part of a weapon and players need to use all their imagination and creativity to craft the best weapons to match their play style or just a wild desire. Pick your parts from an array of chassis, weapon dynamics, dispersal methods, triggers, payloads, magazines, barrels, stocks, and more!.

As there are no classes in Loadout, class is picked by choosing weapons we may say. Whether melee or ranged, dps or healer, the right weapon results in the right role. Everything is possible: from a sniper rifle shooting short bursts of bullets to a rocket launcher dispersing big healing rockets for your teammates.

On top of that, it's possible to link two weapons to one loadout. There are five loadout slots and players may change their sets during a match. Each set consists in two self crafted weapons and grenades.


Death Snatch
The first of the team play types consists in taking the refined Bluetonium vials to score points. Each Team must recover the team's Bluetonium vials to keep the opposing team from scoring.

This mode is an all-against-all one. Each player tries to be the first to reach the marked point on the map to stake the claim by raising his or her flag (or laundry). There is only one active point at a time, which results in a constant chaos and bloodbath.

Extraction mixes teamplay with manhunt. Each team designate a player as “collector”, who must gather Bluetonium deposits and take them to the grinder binds around the map. The first team to collect their load of Bluetonium wins. What makes this mode special is the Bluetonium is an extremely volatile material, it will explode when shot or thrown.

Jack Hammer
Each team has a mining drill. The objective is to shut down the enemy's drill by capturing their hammer-shaped batter and returning it to your drillbase. Melee players will love the hammer, which is a powerful weapon that can score huge points by racking up kills with it before depositing it at your team's base.

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