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Pocket Starships F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play Space MMO
PLATFORM AVAILABILITY: Web Browsers, iOS or Android
DEVELOPED BY: Spectacle Games Inc.


Two rival factions battle it out over a distant galaxy where powerful resources are mined and harvested to lead to galactic domination; choose your side and fight for glory and control in this fast paced space based shooter. Pocket Starships is a completely free to play, fully cross-platform title accessible from internet browsers or iOS and Android mobile devices, allowing players to keep up to date with the game and check in from anywhere.


- Various space ships of different classes
- Produce and equip weapons, robots, missiles and more
- Fight for your faction in PVP and control the galaxy
- Upgrade your ships and gear
- PVP and PVE gameplay
- Cross-platform (Browser, Android, iOS)
- 100% F2P


In the game the core goal is to become as strong as possible by upgrading your ship, constructing new vessels and gear, then heading out into contested territories and trying to help take them for your faction. With elements of PVE, PVP and Crafting the game has many features but works well as an easy to pick up and play MMO for shorter sessions, made more accessible due to the cross-platform mobile options.


The constant battle between the Shards and the Varian has dominated the galaxy and every player is forced to choose a side, whilst players do not have to engage in PVP and can instead stick to PVE missions fighting AI pirates, the game encourages PVP with domination points to earn great rewards. Players rarely need to fight alone and the simple to use fight group mechanic will group players up, whether for PVP or PVE, to go and take on their opponent. With a group players can go onto the galaxy map, which is split into dozens of different territories, and battle over a neutral portion of the galaxy which can be fought over. To take over a new territory players must enter the area and destroy the rivals space station outpost then rebuild it under their own faction banner, the enemy faction receive global alerts and will be instructed to defend the territory, resulting in a real time war of dozens of players fighting each other.


Each player ship comes armed with a device used to mine flying asteroids that are scattered across the galaxy, by firing off your mining laser these asteroids are broken up and their fragments collected in the ship's cargo. Players can only carry so much cargo and so must refine the item into a useable material, typically using that territories space station mining outpost, as you cannot travel with mined cargo it means that players can generally only mine in territories that are controlled by their faction, giving even more importance to trying to control the galaxy.


With your mined ore refined players can head to their home star port to begin crafting using their blueprints, whether to construct a new ship, which requires reaching new levels to unlock, or a new item. Players will craft not only the modular weapon items that are equipped to their ship, but also various consumables that are used up such as missiles and repair kits. Crafting can take hours to complete and players have a default two crafting slots with which to use to make their gear. Certain items can only be equipped on certain ships, more so even these ships need to be upgraded before they can have their specific items loaded onto them.


There are two primary ways to improve yourself in the game when it comes to upgrading; upgrading your ship or upgrading your equipment blueprints, but both are done in a similar way by clicking the current rank of the ship or item you want to improve (e.g. your repair kits, missiles, energy cells) and click upgrade. To do this players must have looted specific items such as ship hull parts or keys in order to upgrade, which if missing can be purchased using premium currency, and must then wait a number of minutes or hours for the upgrade to be complete.


Internet Browser, Android, iOS

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