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Clash of Avatars F2P


Free-to-Play MMORPG


Web browsers




Clash of Avatars is a fun MMORPG where players can embody heroes capable of summoning avatars, whose mission is to save the world from the dangers that threaten it. The story of the game will progress as players complete missions, although they can also participate in optional PvP events; all the actions that they make in the game will serve to make them more powerful; when the chracters level up they'll unlock new features that will allow them to become even more strong. The game can be played from any web browser, although it is possible to download a small client; Clash of Avatars is completely free-to-play, although players have the option to pay real money to buy VIP account levels that provide different benefits.


3 classes

Unlock more than 60 different avatars

Customize and improve the gear of your characters

Participates in dozens of events

Complete missions and explore new regions

Browser game

Completely Free-to-Play


Starting out players choose from 3 different classes: the Warrior, the Priest and the Mage, all three are available as both a female or male character, each having their own primary skills, unique gear and diverse playstyle to make them useful in a group.

The Warrior: This class focuses on defensive combat, able to mitigate damage from enemies and protect his allies.

The Priest: This class is a damage dealing support, they can hinder and harm enemies as well as heal up their group

The Mage: The Mage deals large amounts of spell damage to opponents by harnessing magic.

The core class can be further augmented by various Avatars that players can unlock, these Avatars change the aesthetic look of the character skin whilst also offering extra abilities; Avatars come in different rarities: white, green, blue, purple and orange, with different characters at different rarities, the rarer the Avatar the more powerful it is for the player.


The game is a combat focused MMO with both PVE and PVP options, for PVE players can roam around the world completing a variety of quests and fighting enemies; using 4 primary skills players will earn XP, loot and various types of currency to help them advance and improve. There are more difficult PVE encounters such as World Bosses and many high level dungeons. PVP primarily revolved around two main events, the Arena where they choose to go up against other players in one on one combat, testing their strengths, or in the Capture Flag battles where teams must fight against each other to capture the enemy teams flag and score points. Events are very fast and action packed, and players can join them or leave them with the click of a button.


The Battle Rating is a value that takes all the different facets of a character, their level, gear, pets, titles, mounts, etc. and determines how powerful the characters are in comparison to other characters and enemies. The majority of the features in the game revolve around somehow increasing this value, typically this is done by spending gold or spirit (or both) in the different features to augment and improve yourself. In the Forge players can promote their gear to increase its level by spending gold to increase the tier level of their items, alternatively they can spend spirit to Enhance gear to increase its attributes, gems can be made and then Socketed into armor. These things all increase gear, similar to how you can spend gold to improve your pets and mounts, or spend star dust to improve your zodiac stats.


The game heavily features automated system including auto-pathing to find your way around the world and fully automated combat where your character moves from area to area, attacks enemies, uses skills and potions, and loots rewards. In addition, there is a region called Shadow Land which allows players to level up and earn EXP completely by automated combat, able to leave their character and their computer alone to advance and gain levels.


Internet Browser

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