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Master x Master F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena


In Master X Master players take control of various characters found across the NC Soft multiverse, with franchises such as Guildwars, Wildstar, Blade & Soul, Lineage and others all having some key characters as playable Masters in the game, as well as a few new faces unique to the game. With these characters players can engage in action filled PVE and PVP content, ranging from Action-RPG style PVE modes fighting through story-driven areas, or traditional lane based MOBA PVP. The game is completely free to play with an optional monetary system where players can spend real cash to unlock new characters or buy new skins.


- Dozens of unlockable characters
- Two types of PVE: Stages and Dungeons
- Two types of PVP: Arena and MOBA
- Customize Masters with crafted/earned Nodes
- Control two different characters in battle
- 100% F2P


MXM is a fun mash-up of RPG style PVE combat and classic MOBA, in either mode players take control of two different characters and are able to switch back and forth between them with the push of a button (with only one character being in play at any one time and the other character disappearing). Characters are controlled using WASD for movement, mouse for aiming and QER keys to trigger their available skills, with mid-mouse button to switch characters at will.

The character switching/tagging system offers a unique strategy to both Action-RPG and MOBA not typically seen before, with two characters that have their own skills, stats and health bar players effectively have twice the hit points, skills and tactical options in combat. A range of character classes/roles means players can double up with two DPS assassins, or mix roles with a Support and Skirmisher and others, depending on their preferred playstyles and team composition. Switching characters can be a tactical decision when going up against a certain enemy, or if one character has taken a lot of damage then they can be switched out and whilst they are inactive they will slowly regenerate their hit points.


There are plenty of available Masters to play as, all providing different roles, stats, skills and tactics depending on what you are looking for in either the PVE or PVP content. Each character can acquire Nodes and equip them to their characters, which gives them buffs and boosts to improve the character in combat and offers a greater level of individual customization.

Characters can be purchased with real world currency that will instantly unlock them, or they can be bought with in game currency, however, players will need to gain access to them in order to play them. To unlock different characters players must meet different requirements for each Master, typically players will have to collect <X> number of a specific item by completing the repeatable PVE modes.


PVE is either a linear stage based campaign with different difficulty settings where players battle through challenging AI levels and fight different bosses, or battle through a more challenging dungeon. The player can choose the difficulty which in turn determines the types of enemies they will find in the different PVE stages as well as the skills these enemies will have available, but they can also choose whether to solo the content or fight alongside other players.


The game has two modes: Arena 3 versus 3 Team Deatchmath where players must earn points by killing enemy team members in a small arena, or the main 5v5 MOBA map. The MOBA map is a standard 3 lane map with minion waves, lane turret defenses, camps, watch towers and a central boss that players can try to capture. By completing objectives or killing off enemy players each team earns points, at different point milestones the teams spawn a huge AI controlled NPC Titan that marches down the middle lane to destroy structures and make its way slowly to the enemy base and their core. Destroying the Titans also drops shards that when collected allow players to also turn into a powerful Titan for a set duration.

Each match is 30 minutes long and the first team that destroys their rival's core, earns 1000 points, or has the highest score when the time is up, is the winner.



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