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Dropzone F2P

DEVELOPED BY: Sparkypants Studios


Dropzone is a competitive arena based PVP MOBA with RTS style controls in which players control three vehicles known as Rigs, future-tech style tanks built for destroying aliens. In the game players fight each other in single one on one duels where they must destroy alien nests to collect an item called a Core in order to score points and try to win the match whilst simultaneously battling their opponents team. Players can battle in tournaments to earn prizes and the game has a spectator mode to watch other people playing live, putting in the foundations for a promising eSports scene.


- Three Classes of pilot and nine different characters
- Customizable Rigs to shape your own strategy
- Action focused PVP arena battles
- Control three Rigs at once
- Fifteen minute game length
- 100% F2P


Dropzone matches players up in single player duels with each other whilst still offering that MOBA style gameplay, in contained arena battlemaps both players are tasked with collecting Cores from the Kavash alien Hives and bringing them to a terminal in the middle of the map to earn a single point. Battles are fifteen minutes long and the team that has earned the most points by the end of the match wins the game with a tie at the fifteen minute mark going to a sudden death scenario with a first to score wins.

One of the key aspects of the game, that makes it feel more like an RTS, is that players will control three different units that they can control independently, directing them where to go on the map and what to attack and each having their own skills.


There are nine characters split into three classes (there will be a total of 5 classes but they have yet to be revealed) with each having their own traits that in some ways define their playstyle; Gunners are high damage dealing pilots, Tanks are able to soak much more enemy damage, and Mechanics can repair their allies and have other utility skills.

The Rigs themselves can all be customized adding modular components which give the pilot access to different skills (QWER) during combat, however, each skill has an upgrade requirement and during a battle as players earn XP they will get a collective Upgrade and must choose which of their three pilots can have it. If a pilot has a level 4 weapon or utility tech equipped then it must be upgraded four times throughout the duration of the match before that particular module comes online and the skill is unlocked. This style of upgrading requires a lot of strategy and building a team around your playstyle.


The primary way that players collect cores is traveling to the static indicated Kavash Hives on the map, here AI controlled aliens continue to spawn until their nest is destroyed and drops three cores; Hives will respawn after a while and come back as a more evolved version so they continue to grow in difficulty throughout the match balancing out the players own levelling up. Rigs can only carry one core at a time and must transfer them to the central uplink console, as this is a communal uplink both rival teams will be using it and so players will often be able to try and deny enemy turn ins, as well as destroying their opponents Rigs and collecting a core if they have one (destroyed rigs reappear in the team base after a while).

There are other sub-objectives on the map that are randomly chosen at the beginning of each match, these give a team 1, 2 or 4 points (the same as collecting cores), completing the more challenging sub-objectives granting the most points. Sub-objectives can range from trying to have control over all the vision-giving watchtowers dotted around the map at once, destroying 60 Kavash, eliminating 10 nests, destroying the map Boss (a huge alien which also grants a team buff) and more. These side missions will be completed whilst undergoing normal play, but players may choose to actively try to complete them and prioritise them to gain the advantage.



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