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Metal assault F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play Platform Shooter


Metal Assault brings back retro side scrolling platform shooters in a fun and furious PVP and PVE setting where users can choose from different characters and battle against AI opponents or real world players in intense battles. The game can be played on most systems and only requires a small download and installation, which can then be played for free.


- Multiple characters to play as
- Various PVP modes and maps
- PVE Campaign with dozens of repeatable missions
- Customize your own gear and skills
- Fast paced combat
- 100% F2P


Metal Assault is a traditional side scrolling 2D platform game with MMO features, players can create their character and work towards improving their abilities and gear to make them perform better in PVP and PVE. Using WASD controls to move their character around the different levels and platforms players must manually aim with the mouse to shoot their enemies, whether AI or players, and manage their skills and weapons. The game has many game modes and features ranked play where players can compete with each other to attain higher ranks and rewards to further improve their characters.


In the game users have the choice of 4 unique characters, each with unique stats and their own skills, each character has a more specialized playstyle that will suit various types of player. The four characters are:

Carl – An Assault focused character Carl jumps into battle and uses his aggression and high mobility to get in, deal damage, and get back out quickly

AI – This femme fatal likes to support her allies or go solo as a forward scout, able to hide, ambush, discover player mines and more she is a utility focused character

Marie – With her keen eye, steady nerves and powerful sniper rifle Marie is a long ranged combatant that focuses on dropping her targets from a distance before they even get close

Burton – A tanky forward combatant Burton can take more damage than his companions and can put out some devastating fire power; a little bit on the bulky side he's not too good at avoiding attacks


Each character starts out with 5 “Rookie Weapons” consisting of their four main primary weapons and a pistol:

Rocket Launcher – A powerful but slow long ranged weapon the rocket launcher can damage multiple enemies in one hit dealing some instant kill potential, though if you're not careful it's just as easy to kill yourself

Shotgun – Best used in confined close quarters due to its limited range, underground in some of the narrow bunkers the shotgun excels with its powerful scatter damage and packs quite the punch

Sniper Rifle – The longest ranged weapon, even longer if a player goes prone, the sniper rifle is a precision weapon that can one hit kill enemies; with its secondary optional aim the area is magnified allowing players to pull off head shots more easily

Rifle – This automatic rifle has the best rate of fire and is great for pushing back enemies without having to worry as much about missing the individual shots and low reload times of the other weapons

Pistol – With each primary weapon there is a long reload time between each shot taken, during that time players can switch to their pistol to continue to deal lower amounts of damage to their opponent

There are a wide variety of attachments and upgrades that can be applied to weapons that will make them more powerful, including numerous armor and clothing types that can provide buffs and perks to characters.


The game focuses on PVE content to help initially complete the story campaign, but then makes stages repeatable to earn currency and gear either playing solo on a chosen difficulty or co-op with other players. PVP focuses on team based battles, having up to eight players per team, players can battle it out across four different maps and multiple traditional game modes such as Capture Flag, Deathmatch and others and try to earn points and position from ranked matches.


Operating System: Windows XP or higher
Processor: Intel 4.2GHz
Memory: 2GB
Hard Drive Space: 300 MB
Graphics: Must have 128 MB Video RAM

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