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Duty of Sentinel is a free turn-based MMO with some RPG elements and a strategy layer. Players become sentinel, who protect the world from an evil dragon. The game runs on a browser even from android devices.

- Different heroes with unique skills.
- Earn gold and experience by completing quests.
- Companion system.
- Fast, turn-based, automated combat.
- Free to play on a browser.

The game is a mix of classic RPG with quests and storyline that progress as they complete tasks, npc and companions you can earn by hiring or threatening them, and some strategy elements from table or card games.

The combat is fully automated after hitting the FIGHT button. The players must prepare a strategy beforehand by equipping their characters with the proper gear and setting them on an organized fashion.

Then the automated combat start showing players what happen turn after turn, the strategy layer comes when positioning the units properly depending on their skills and stats.

All actions in the game use stamina as currency so players have a limited number of actions before they run out of it, once that happens they must wait till it fills up over time or can also buy stamina from the store for real money and keep playing.

Players can fight in the arena and use their pvp skills to earn prices and points which are spendable on the in-game store. There are several weapons and miscellaneous items that can help turn the tide of the current battle as well as cosmetic stuff that is always welcome to stand out from the crowd.

There are talent trees where players can further specialize their characters, they will increase various abilities and stats to make the heroes in your party more powerful.

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