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Nords: Heroes of the North F2P


Free to play MMORTS


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Nords: Heroes of the North is a free to play browser based MMORTS where players step into the boots of a Hero tasked by King Björn the Awesome, ruler of all Shingård, to battle against the rising undead that threaten to destroy the kingdom. In exciting strategy combat players must build up their own stronghold, gather valuable resources, field a military force and take the battle to not just the AI enemy but other real world players. The game can be played for free and accessed with ease through web browser or Facebook platform and doesn't require a client download.


- Professional voice actors taking on the key roles
- Create your own hero, train their skills and equip them with legendary items
- Build up your stronghold, gather resources and train a huge military force
- Take on quests to battle the undead Cold Legion
- Browser based gameplay
- Completely free to play


The core of the game is a resource gathering, base building, army raising RTS that focuses primarily on PVE campaign content in the early game and then towards PVP conquest against other rival Strongholds where players can fight for rank and rewards.


The true source of a Marshals power comes from their Stronghold, their own personal settlement which they must tend to and protect from both AI and player threats. There are a variety of buildings that players will need to construct and upgrade to bring in needed resources such as fish, mushrooms and fire ale, as well as constructing such buildings as the Orc Stockade and Elven Enclave to gain access to these factions units and train them up to join your army. Resources are consumed each time a building is constructed or a unit is trained, but units in particular require ongoing maintenance paid by key resources to keep them in battle.


Resources are consumed by most actions, particularly when constructing or upgrading buildings as well as training new units, units also require a constant source of resources as maintenance cost to keep them fighting.

Another key resource is Emeralds, a premium resource that can be earned from time to time in game but also purchased with real world currency. With Emeralds players can use the Black Market to purchase a variety of things including missing resources that they may require, boosts to increase production and travel time, Scrolls of Negotiation to update Blood Pacts, unique dragon units as well as the ability to heal any fallen units as opposed to simply retraining new ones (which takes longer).


Lord Marshals must work alongside the other factions and sign Blood Pacts to learn new abilities, unlock new functions, gain access to new buildings and ultimately be able to train new types of units from the four main factions. The Blood Pacts are in the style of a research technology tree and so certain Pacts can only be access by unlocking those Pacts in the chain leading up to it, similarly there are often certain building level requirements before a Blood Pact can be signed.

There are dozens of units that can be access through unlocking Blood Pacts:

Northman Beast Master – riding atop his bear mount this powerful warriors role is typically identified in their youth where they are given a great feast then banished to the woods to hone their abilities, call back when they are required to help protect the stronghold

Orcish Ogre – walking, growling and stinking siege engines they have an insatiable lust for battle making them ideal up front offensive combatants

Elf Mage – a tentative relationship is held between both Northmen and Orcs to the Elven magic, on the one hand they don't trust elves, but on the other hand they can incinerate their enemies in mystical blue fire and so it pays to have them on your side

Dragon Nightstalker – The closest living relative to the Great Dragons they are the only remaining true firebeathers in existence and are without a doubt the strongest offensive unit of their kind


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