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Therian Saga is a pretty unique browser MMO roleplaying game in which players take on the role of a hero-to-be character, that will meet companions along the way who will help him achieve the ultimate goal, fame and fortune. This companions can fight, trade, use their social skills and much more. Furthermore, the main character can be a spy, a crafter, a fighter or even a scholar among other roles.

- Develop your hero the way you want, explorer, spy, crafter, artisan, fighter and more.
- Dozens of skills depending on the path which will level up together by categories.
- Create your very own master pieces as a crafter or artisan.
- Explore a well-crafted world.
- Delve into hidden and forbidden dungeons.
- Hire companions to accompany you during your journey.
- Build your very own home.

The character starts as a regular settler of a new land with just a bunch of basic skills, then the character has to follow the path he wants and get new skills improving the current ones. Over time they will be standing out on some skills that will bring them power or income, depending on the skill.

The game has no levels so everything relies on the skills the character currently has, which have ranks from 1 to 100 to show the mastery of that skill by the character. They are broken into specialization fields, the skills from the same category are bound to each other, in a way that if one skill is improved, others will experience be improved indirectly.

About crafting skills, they require learning recipes to be able to craft new items, which as usual, require materials which force players to acquire them from different sources, being the rarest materials the ones they must pick from their enemies' corpse.

During their adventures, players will meet companions they can hire to join their cause. There are different roles the companions may have, different statistics and skills, making each one of the unique.

Depending on what the character is focused on and its skills, the players may want to get companions who compliment their skill set or just make them even better on what they already do. Skills are also linked to their companions, so when the companion improves in a skill the character will be affected and viceversa.

There is a skill called leadership which handles how many and what type of companions they can get.

The game favours exploration by adding several types of terrain which require having different skills to move across them. They all have different monsters in them from peaceful to dangerous terrains each player will find what suits his character best, or if they are up for more risk and more rewards.

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