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Ragnarok Online 2 is a free MMO RPG which takes place on a fantasy world with magic, swords and adventures. Players will be able to explore the world, delve into dungeons and loot treasures to become rich and famous.

- Instanced dungeons
- Six classes
- Crafting system
- Collectable cards
- Mounts and pets
- Completely Free

There are different PVP options within the game that players can get involved including duels against players and participating in random PVP within the Arena. This open PVP area is where players can go and test their skills against each other, get in PVP competitions or Guild battles. The Colosseum is similar to the Arena but is access is limited to certain times during the day, unique to this area though is that all players stats are balanced out regardless of equipment or level (though skills still remain) showing the true test of strategy and PVP tactics

Magician – They are able to summon great arcane destructive powers and are strong both in ability and in mind. Magicians can to absorb powers from their surroundings to replace their abilities. They can specialise as flame wielding Wizard or a spirit summoning Sorcerer.

Swordman - Trained experts that can handle auras that are focused into their weapons and armour to enhance their own abilities. They are a classic tank character whilst inflicting damage on their opponents. The Swordman can advance into the heavily armoured Knight or the more damage dealing Warrior.

Archer – They can follow the path of the Ranger using their Falcon pets and traps in battle or as the Beastmaster with their strong ties to nature they are able to transform into other beasts and take on their abilities.

Acolyte - Support class able to keep their allies alive and buffed they play a vital role in any group. And acolyte can specialise as a priest that can call upon holy archangels to aid them in battle or as a monk with their added physical martial arts prowess.

Thief - They will strike from behind, showing up from the shadows and attacking with high damage. The Thief can become either an Assassin which has inhuman ability or a Rogue capable of using combos and potions.

Alter (Noel Race) - Following the path of the Crecentia they still have access to their Alter skills but are attackers with high damage AOE powers, the Soul Maker specialisation can't use Alter skills but can access their heal ability and strengthening both through linking with particular objects.


Artisan – They craft light armour and clothing using leather and cloth gathered from creatures or weaved from textile materials, they can also craft a variety of rooms to empower armour and weapons.

Alchemist – They make potions from gathered herbs they can create health and spell renewing potions as well as ones for special vitality boosting.

Chef – They cook creating powerful food which grants boosts and health recovery. As well as cooking the food Chef is also able to gather their own ingredients.

Blacksmith – They craft weapons and heavy armour they can smelt ore that is discovered in mines, they can also “Rune Hole Punch” items to create sockets in them where players can put runes into.

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