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Free-to-Play Asian MMORPG


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Guardians of Divinity is a free-to-play browser based asian MMORPG which has been launched recently in the West. The game features traditional mechanics and elements of the genre, which include having to complete quests, gather and improve equipment, unlock new contents as we level up, and explore a world full of interesting locations filled with dangerous enemies and NPCs.


- 3 different Characters
- Complete missions to progress through the game's story
- Recruit a wide variety of deities
- Level up your characters by defeating enemies and completing quests
- Improve your gear using the blacksmith feature
- Participate in events to earn rewards
- Acquire mounts, titles, wings and other accessories to strenghten your characters
- Completely free-to-play


Guardians of Divinity is a game where the players have to level up their characters to unlock different game features that allow them to make more powerful to their characters, thus increasing their CP. This value also increases by acquiring new gear, enhancing it, unlocking new Gods and mounts and improving them as well.


Players can choose between three different characters, a female Mage, a Female Archer and Male Warrior. The Archer is capable of doing a lot of damage from afar, the Mage conjures devastating AOE spells and the Warrior is able to absorb a lot of damage. A character class mainly determines his main attributes, skills and their role in a group.


The C.P. is a numeric value that encompasses all the attributes, gear, upgrades, accessories and titles to give players an idea of how powerful is a character. The majority of the game features help to improve this value, such as the Blacksmith that allows player to level up their gear, levelling up their Skills, or levelling up their recruited Deities using the Astrology system.


The story of the game revolves around a few fallen gods that have opened Pandora's box, releasing a terrible dark forces in the world; following this event Odin gives to our characters the mission to neutralize these threats, with the help of other gods, goddesses and characters from different pantheons. As players progress through the game they'll reruit to more gods, who will accompany them in combat and even give them their powers and appearance temporarily.


The game is almost full automated, particularly in the forms of auto-pathing where players can click hyperlinks in the quest log to automatically run to the needed quest location or NPC; when completing a series of quests the characters will automatically run from one place to the next then engage in combat in fully automated battles. Players are able to control what aspects of combat are automated such as being able to use your Mount's abilities, healing potions, resurrection devices and more.

The game can 90% play itself, but players will need to claim their rewards when a quest is completed, making is just fall short of a fully automated game unlike some other games in the genre.


As the characters gain level they'll unlock different features and events, which yield great rewards. These events include Boss Maps to fight powerful Bosses, Group Dungeons and PvP events like the Divine Warfare where players can challenge other players and fight against AI controlled copy of the player they have challenged.


Web browsers

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