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Odin Quest is a massive RPG that runs on a browser and features 2.5D graphics in a Nordic theme, players get to discover a mysterious and beautiful world with all the lore around it through exciting adventures.

- Made for casuals gamers
- Nordic theme
- Combat Pet system
- Automated features so that you don't even need to play the game
- Completely free

Players can find and tame their own pets throughout the world, but they get a pet at the beginning of the game, the pet system is very deep as they are treated like another character they get xp and can gain levels, they also have skills and talents.

Warrior – Melee dps and tanking.
Mage – Damage dealing in different forms, AoE and single target.
Priest – Healing and buffing teammates.
Hunter – Deals damage to several targets at once
Assassin – High single-target DPS and crit rate

Auto-Run: completing quest's goals and handing them over just one click away.
Auto-Attack: attaking closest monster by just clicking on a skill.
Auto-Potions: potions are consumed as they're needed without you worrying about it.
AFK Mode: character can even be set as afk mode and commanded to farm specific monsters while you're not in front of you computer.

The rewards are a very important part of the game, and players are getting them all the time, by handing quests over, killing bosses, cleaning dungeons, even for achieving certain goals within the game. There are also server events for players to join that will grant fresh and new rewards depending on the event.

There are timers in the user interface to clearly show cooldowns of these rewards, on the social side, players can invite hers, share their game progress and more, earning reward by doing so.

There are portals to make traveling much more convenient and as part of the game philosophy making it easy for casual gamers, players will also move automatically to the quest location if they choose so thanks to the automated mechanics.

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