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Yulgang 2 F2P

Yulgang 2 is massive online rpg which is free to play and takes the players into the Manhwa universe, a well-known franchise, takes place 30 years after the story told in the comic, players can pick from different classes and join one of the the two factions, called chaos and order.

- In-depth character customization
- Two factions system
- Four playable classes
- Martial arts moves, super speed, scale walls, walk on water, and more
- Pets system
- Crafting
- Completely free

Warrior – Close combat users able to deal insane amount of damage and stand the same amount at the same time.

Archer – They debuff their enemies and run away, dealing damage from the distance.

Mage – They can deal damage from the distance as well, but they can also deal it to several enemies at once, which is very effective.

Healer – They can heal their team mates and protect companions, they can also debuff enemies which makes it a perfect support class.

There is crafting in the gam that allow players to get materials and craft items depending on the profession they pick, Cooking, Blacksmithing, Salvaging, Pharmacy, Jewel Crafting, Tailoring, Gem , Mining and Socketing are some of them.

Players can get their own pets and summon them at any given time, they can be used as mount and if they can fly they will be flying mounts as well. There are also pets who can help in battle, but all of them have their own skills, levels and stats and progress as the character does.

There is a cool feature in the game that allows players to sprint while moving and even flying, this is seen all the time in the eastern fantasy movies of samurais and ninjas. The air sprint allows characters to run up walls, jump from spot to spot and over cliffs and of course on the water.

The game is completely free to play, still players can get Zenith which is the premium currency and buy items in the in-game shop. There they can get boosts, buffs and cosmetic items.

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