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Path of Exile is a free online MMORPG set in a fantasy world with a dark environment and similar features to Diablo but with a twist in most of them and some big differences, like the player-driven market, and gems-based skills.

- Dark fantasy setting
- Seven classes to play with
- Deep skill gem system
- Complex skill tree
- Randomly generated levels
- Completely free

Marauder (strength), Witch (intelligence), Ranger (dexterity), Duelist (strength/dexterity), Shadow (dexterity/intelligence), Templar, strength/intelligence) and Scion (strength/dexterity/intelligence).

They all revolve around a main attribute which boosts secondary stats such as agility or attack speed.

PvE is the primary focus of the game with a huge vast world to explore of randomly generated areas, both undergrounddungeons and even external wilderness and ruin areas, creating continual replayability with the game.

Players can brawl in an arena which is an instanced area, there are seasonal ladders, leagues and more.

They are the ones that add skills to the character pool, some of them modify their behaviour, so finding a good combination of gems will make your character work better, items also have different sockets with specific colors for specific gems, some of them are linked and others are not, so the gear is as essential as the gems.

There is a wide arrange of gems, skills, modifiers, bonus such as XP or gold and many more, the possibilities are endless. They can be obtained from quests, loot or simply by trading with other players.

It's a huge scheme where players must spend points to get specific benefits, it's divided into the 3 main stats and when you get to the border zone between two of them they get mixed, it's a pretty extensive chart and each class has hundreds of combinations, allow room for players to play with dozens of epic builds.

You can reset all the talents switching the current play style of your class to a brand new one.

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