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Perfect World F2P

Perfect World is a free to play roleplay mmo heavily based on Chinese mythology, and is set in the mythical world of Pangu. The game offers both level based progression and skill point based. The day and night cycle and flight is a key component in exploring the game world. It features six classes that players can choose from. Each race has unique characteristics, begins in different areas of Pangu, and undertake different quests.

- Winged Elves live mainly in the south of Pangu, and in their chief/capital City of Plume. Winged Elf characters are distinguished by a small pair of wings on their heads, and can fly from the very beginning of the game. They can be Archers or Clerics.

- Earthguard (Genesis expansion).

- Untamed are human/beast hybrids living in the west of Pangu. They can transform into animals, and can use flying beasts at Level 30. They can be Barbarians and Venomancers.

- Humans are the primary race in the northern realms of Pangu, with the main settlement being the city of Etherblade. Humans have no innate abilities themselves, but fly with the aid of magical gadgets. They can be Blademasters or Wizards.

Your mounts

The mount system in Perfect World allows players to ride a pet mount as a mean of quickly traveling across the world. Available mounts common to all servers are regular horses, panthers, leopards, raptors, and elephants.


256M RAM
800 MHz Pentium 3 CPU
DirectX 9.0c
32mb 3D Graphic card

Territory warring

When trying to take the area from another guild you will have to take part in battles up to 80 vs. 80. In Territory battles there are two bases and two guilds. When you want to take over an specific area, your guild will have to bid on the area, the guild with the highest bid will fight the current owners for ownership.

When attempting to take a previously unowned land, your guild must again bid on the territory. In the case of multiple bids, the guild with the highest bid will win. The guild that wins bidding will then have to wipe the entire territory war map out of monsters, including a boss located in the opposite base, within 3 hours.

Phone lock system

As a prevention system against account hackers, Perfect World has a Phone Lock feature for those who wish to use it. The Phone Lock, when activated, will freeze an account until the account owner dials in using the registered phone number. Once the number is recognized, the account is temporarily activated for login. The player must login within 10 minutes of activation before the account got frozen again.

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