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Warflow F2P

Warflow is a his free strategy online game which runs on a browser and allows you to team up with your friends and fight other players, in order to build up their empire they must control resources such as mines and farms.

- Empire management
- Ancient China theme
- RTS combat
- Train up and improve your heroes
- Get items to boost your armies
- Diplomacy mechanics
- Completely free

Players start from the bottom by driving some raiders out of their own town, then they get to rebuild and develop that small settlement into a huge thriving city. Then lead your army to crush your enemies and conquer over the world, but before, you must equip your troops and train your heroes so they are up to the task.

Troops come in different types to add an extra layer of strategy so players think through each movement or action they take.

Players will be able to complete various quests during the game which will ask them to fulfil a specific tasks or goals, they usually involve AI enemy factions to fight and reward players with currency and experience, the currency is used to buy buildings and experience to train the heroes.

The city view is focused on expanding and upgrading your buildings, it's the foundation to get better at the game, better army, better performance by boosting the troops, better income and all that. So you should spend some time planning what to build first based on what you need at that moment.

On the combat side you will have to fight AI foes for PvE content which will grant you resources and experience and on the PvP side you will have to fight other players for territory, you must first prepare your army, tweak it with items and develop your hero because as you play the game it will get more difficult to win, and when you face another player that is a different thing.

The combat is automated based on the stats, so it rewards preparation for the battle rather than skill, this allows players to casually play the game rather than spend a lot of time on it. To limit the actions and favour the casual playing the game has an energy pool mechanic called MCU (military call up) points which are spent each time they attack, so they have a limit as they are regenerated each hour.

Players can apply taxes to their crowd, getting silver and gold from them, still there is a cooldown for this as they can't spam it and get rich.

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