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Pirates: Tides of Fortune F2P

This free-to-play pirate-themed MMO will allow you to build your own pirate haven, where you will have to gather a crew of mercenary pirates and build a fleet with which conquer and plunder the seven seas. The game is completely free-to-play and can be played directly from your internet browser.


Build your own pirate fortress
Build all sorts of buildings
Build a fleet of and recruit your own crew of pirates
Manage your resources to make thrive your island
Attack rival players or the AI to plunder their loot
Completely free-to-play strategic game


In the game you are a pirate captain, whose job is essentially to get resources, manage them, and use them to build a lucrative pirate fortress. We will also be responsible for unlock technological improvements which focus on improving aspects of the diplomacy, the combat and the trade. Players can compete against each other to prove which the best player in the leaderboard ranking is.


Your strength revolves around three resources used in practically every action in the game:

Rum - This resource is vital for any pirate and is produced in the rum distilleries. The rum is essential to keep your crew loyal; because any Pirate loves Rum and having them a little drunk makes them considerably more compliant and less likely to abandon your pirate fortress.

Wood - The wood is achieved at the lumber yard, where trees are transformed into timber, a vital component to build buildings and ships.

Gold – Building a mine where there are veins of gold players will get a steady stream of this valuable ore, used to purchase a variety of items needed to ensure your Haven runs smoothly

Resources can also be achieved by completing missions and tasks, through trade with other players or plundering AI controlled enemies or other players' havens.


Something essential to progression are the discoveries, technologies that players can unlock as they advance, giving them access to new buildings, units, improvements and features that will serve to keep them competitive. Players can get a sketch every day from their Tinker, and they can spend them to unlock new features in the Discovery tree.


The combat is completely automated, but to win you have to gather a group of both offensive and defensive units that will work well together. When your troops attack or your haven is being attacked, the fight will be resolved automatically, and at its end you will receive a battle report detailing the losses on both sides, and the rewards if you are the winner. New players do not need to worry about being attacked as they have a protection until they reach a certain level or have had an account for a set amount of time, giving them a chance to learn the basics of the game and manage to assemble the beginnings of a defensive crew.

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