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One Piece Online 2: Pirate King is the sequel to One Piece Online, inspired in the Japanese anime One Piece, where players embark on an exciting adventure as a wannabe pirate who will have to work alongside some of the most popular characters in the series and will face some of its most dangerous villains. The game does not need to be downloaded and can be played from any Web browser for free.


RPG with lots of missions
Inspired on the popular series One Piece
Four classes
Gather your own crew, equip them and fight alongside them
Explore a vast world filled with adventures
PvP and PvE content
Free-to-Play game
Browser Game


The game is a RPG where players take the role of the captain of a pirate crew that will have to fight the marines and other pirates in exciting adventures. Each character that we find in the game is a character from the series, with its own attributes, class and skills, that we can recruit to join our crew. Players can level up characters individually, which will provide them with new skills; players can also equip them with gear to make them more powerful. All the crews need a pirate boat, which can be improved with various components to improve the Battle Rating of your group. The game has various functions with which we can challenge and compete against other players and win positions in different PvP and PvE classifications leaderboards to gain prizes.


Players get to choose their main character from four different classes, each one being a narrative character and so other than a different name has no customization options; the classes are Sailor, Dark Mage, Sniper and Doctor.

The Sailor is an expert swordsman and has the abilitiy to protect his crew members that are behind him with his high defense; he can also deal damage of multiple enemies as well as shielding himself from attacks.

The Dark Mage can quickly find enemies' weaknesses and exploit them using her dark elemental magic to both damage and control her opponents, hypnotizing them and allowing her to enhance her own attacks.

The Sniper deals high amounts of damage from range, but lacks the defense making him particularly vulnerable to attacks, he is a keen eyed assassin able to take down enemies quickly.

The Doctor focuses on both healing herself and allies to keep them strong and in the fight as well as poisoning opponents!


There are a variety of features available in the game primarily focusing on narrative based questing as players find out more about the world, the characters and the plot, gaining XP, items and currency as they go. Players have the chance to explore a detailed PVE campaign where players travel a unique areas and islands in the world. Each island is its own stage based on three fights, with the final being a Boss battle; if players work their way through all the stages in the given time limit, requiring them to push forward as well as defend, then they receive great prizes.

Players can also test their Crews and strategy against each other in PVP and Pirate battles for ranked challenges where they can earn rewards the further up the ladder they climb.


In the game players can recruit a crew, making a collection of Pirates along the way with their own abilities and stats. A crew comprises of a handful of characters set up in formation, the number of characters available in a crew depends on the players level and increases over time. Players must strategize over which characters go into which position, with frontline fighters taking more defensive roles and backline fighters being ranged attackers; the crew composition and their formation will greatly change how they fight in battle.


Combat is a semi-automated system where when entering battle players begin on one side of a screen and all the enemy characters on the other; the teams will then take it in turns to make their attacks, broken down into rounds. Basic attacks will occur automatically, though players are able to choose the targets of their attack; attacks build up Fury and with enough players can then use a special ability which also has a cooldown timer of a certain number of rounds.


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