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Rise of Europe is a free to play browser-based game set in the Renaissance of Europe. Players strive to become the dominant force of the land, through military prowess and culture. covers the balance of power in Cenaissance-era Europe, as the leading noble families struggle for wealth. Players choose their family and fight for power against thousands of other competitors. Their objective is to bring fame and glory to their house by building imposing cities, and from them, raising massive armies to lead in battle.


Thrilling battles instead of dry combat tables: In Rise of Europe, players get to directly experience the progress of their heroes and soldiers during battle. Swordsmen and knights do battle supported by musketeers and ballistae – to name just a few of the many different troop types.


— Be part of the struggle between real noble European historic families.
— Well-designed quest system that provides an ongoing storyline with main and subsidiary tasks.
— Develop cities, direct research, use diplomacy, and control hero's progression.
— Command a wide varity of different troops.
— Recruit heroes to lead your troops in batlle.
— Experience Solo campaign to practice for battles against other players.


Things never get dull, as a well-designed quest system provides an ongoing story-line with main and subsidiary tasks such as increasing your population, developing the economy in the area, or recruiting an urgently needed new troop type.


Players also develop their cities, direct research and diplomacy, and control their hero's progression, as Rise of Europe combines all the elements of the perfect strategy game so the better you care for your cities, the more options you will have in the strategy game because towns and their lords level up together, unlocking more building slots or heroes.

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