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Free to play MMORTS


Windows and Mac


Desert Owl Games


Pox Nora is a free to play turn-based tactical MMO in which players collect, earn and trade cards to construct their own army made up of magical monsters and creatures, various spells, relics of power and items to arm themselves in battle against players from across the world in PVP. Combining classic elements of both tactical tabletop RPG's and trading card games Pox Nora is a unique strategy focused MMO.


Strategic turn-based tactical combats
Hundreds of Runes to collect such as Champions, Spells and Gear
Numerous tactics focused maps rendered in high detail
Earn, trade and crat your own Runes
Play against other players for ranking
Free to play


In the game players build up their own army/deck of Runes, creatures, spells and gear that when combined can be taken into battle by players to compete against other players to gain rank, XP and gold rewards. Players are able to acquire new Runes by competing, earning currency and purchasing them in the shop, trading them with other players or even crafting their very own Runes in the powerful Rune Forge. The game focuses primarily on PVP but there is also an extensive PVE campaign that will also allow players to gain XP, gold and various exotic Runes.


In total players can choose from eight unique factions, each of which has numerous benefits and skills that players can use during battles and typically define the way a faction and its units should be used in battle, with each focusing on a different type of strategy. Such factions as the dwarven Ironfist Stronghold focus on being a primarily defensive faction, they are slow but have a stronger resistance to spell damage, heavy armour and healing capabilities that make them harder to take down. K'thir Forest who have some of the fastest Warriors and a huge amount of ranged combatants and nature focused spells. The Forglar Swamp are the walking frog-like humanoids whose primary ability is being able to manipulate water, with strong healers and the ability to extract more nora from resource wells, they are a fast and mobile elemental spellcasting force. Forsaken Wastes can overrun their enemies as the minions that they can command have low costs in battle and can summon destroyed enemies back to the battlefield. The Underdepths are powerful Demons that focus on dealing damage and have some of the hardest hitting melee Champions available making them extremely dangerous in the right hands. The Savage Tundra faction is able to immobilise their opponents using deadly area of effect spells and numerous ranged ice attacks.

Players are able to mix and match non-faction Runes into their army, however players gain bonuses for having more of a certain faction within their ranks, typically either 15/15 or a Full Faction with each faction having their own unique boosts.


Throughout the game players will acquire a variety of Runes, many of which in time will become obsolete and serve no purpose as they are replaced by more powerful Runes, however players are able to destroy these Runes using the Rune Forge system and acquire nora shards that they can then use to re-forge and create most of the game's available Runes to fill out any missing cards in their deck.


In combat players must initially manage their own resource spending, using the Nora resource players are able to spend it to summon powerful units onto the gridded battlefield in an attempt to destroy the enemy shrine. Each turn players can manoeuvre their units around the battle map trying to engage each other, which is similar to a console tactical RPG or tabletop RPG, spending action points to move and attack enemies. Players are also able to cast a variety of spells providing their units are nearby and as well as trying to destroy the shrines players can attempt to take over secondary objective locations such as pools that help replenish a players Nora each turn.

Some players may acquire an Avatar, which replaces their Shrine, and as the game progresses after a set number of rounds the player has the option of transforming their Avatar statue into a mobile damage dealing unit. Whilst incredibly powerful the Avatar is still essentially the player's Shrine and so whilst in battle if they are destroyed the player will still forfeit the game, made easier as some of the abilities that cannot normally be cast on a Shrine can be cast on an Avatar.


Operating System: Mac OSX, Win XP/Vista/7 or 8
CPU: 500MHz or higher
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 200MB
Graphics: ATI or Nvidia Graphics Card with 64mb VRAM

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